Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 | Which One is Worth Buying?

Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7
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Are you confused between Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7? A processor is essential when it comes to PCs because that offers instructions and the processing power to your computer that it needs to perform different tasks. 

That’s why it is essential to have good quality and one with more cores for your PC. 

Regarding the Ryzen’s processors, people get confused about Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7; however, it depends on your requirements and budget.

In this article, you’ll be guided enough regarding the advantages and disadvantages of both of the processors. 

There will be a comparison of Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 as well. 

Moreover, you’ll get to know some other facts regarding these processors.

Just keep reading this article till the end!

What is a Ryzen 5 processor? Advantages and Disadvantages: 

Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7

Before getting into the comparison of Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7, you need to have some basic information regarding them. 

Let’s have a brief introduction to Ryzen 5 so that you can have a clear concept and will be able to understand it further. 

Ryzen is a known brand for computer processors because of its warranty and affordable prices for users. 

Just like everything, Ryzen offers disadvantages and advantages at the same time. 

The following are the benefits of having a Ryzen 5 processor for your computer;


  • The best thing about this processor is that it offers less power consumption
  • On the other hand, it provides less heat output


  • You’ll need a dedicated GPU if you want this processor
  • Offers fewer cores or threads
  • The clock speed is low
  • Usually, provides weak performance
  • It won’t be able to run the faster RAM

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What is a Ryzen 7 processor? Advantages and Disadvantages: 

Ryzen 7

Processors are used for impressive or improved performance while performing any task or gaming. 

You’ll notice that Ryzen 7 is more expensive than the Ryzen 5. Still, you can’t neglect that it will offer more cores or threads, which automatically improves the performance of your computer. 

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Anyway, let’s move further toward the pros and cons of Ryzen 7;


  • You’ll get more cores
  • Offers high clock speed
  • Able to run the RAM faster
  • Provides better performance


  • Just like the Ryzen 5, it also requires the dedicated GPU
  • Its power consumption is more
  • Offers more heat output

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Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7; What is the Difference Between Them? 

ryzen 5 vs ryzen 7 1 - Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 | Which One is Worth Buying?

One common question regarding the processors is Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7. 

For sure, both have different features, and it’s essential to know which one is better for you. 

Not just in terms of budget but also the quality. 

The following are the aspects for the comparison of both the processors and after that, I’m sure you’ll be clear in your mind. 


cores 1 - Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 | Which One is Worth Buying?

Cores matter a lot in the processors because they allow you to figure out how many tasks a processor can handle or perform simultaneously. Of course, the more there will be cores, the more improved performance you can get. 

As far as the processors of the Ryzen 5 are concerned, there will be 4 or 6-core models; however, the 6-core is the modern one. 

Through this number of cores, it’s pretty easy to run web browsing and play light games, and It’s able to run multiple tasks at the same time with high performance. 

Additionally, the Ryzen 7 offers more cores than the Ryzen 5. Usually, this the processor offers mostly 8 cores. 

Along with 8 cores, it allows you to have several multi-core programs such as video editing, designing, and others at the same time. 



Threads have an essential role when it comes to running multiple tasks on a processor at the same time because they break down the process.

Even though the core works on smaller bits, it will manage them separately. 

The more there will be threads, the more there are pieces, and the better performance. 

Actually, both the processors, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 have almost two threads per core, meaning that Ryzen 5 has 6 cores, and there will be 12 threads. 

The same is true with the Ryzen 7; this processor has 8 cores and 16 threads. 

It depends on whether you want to run multiple tasks or a single task simultaneously. Accordingly, you can go for a processor while considering the number of cores and threads. 

Because the more there will be threads and cores, the better performance you’ll have.

Clock Speed

processer clock speed - Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 | Which One is Worth Buying?

When it comes to clock speed, both of the processors perform well. 

This clock speed is basically crucial for the rate of data getting pushed through cores and threads. 

However, perfect speed and cooling solutions go side by side.

Firstly, the Ryzen 5 offers a clock speed of 3.6 GHz, which can be boosted up to 4.2 GHz but only on some of the processors. 

This is good enough for gaming, watching videos on YouTube, and editing videos and documents. 

Secondly, the Ryzen 7 can perform better than Ryzen 5. 

It provides a speed of 3.9 GHz, and its highest speed is 4.5 GHz. 

You know what? For better and balanced performance, you need to cool down your processor; otherwise, it won’t last long.



The data which a processor uses often is stored in its caches. 

Here, there should also be a good number of caches because it ensures the smoothness of things for a long time. 

It’s essential for your processor to spend time searching for the data which it needs, it is known as more cache.

Furthermore, if you ask me about the cache for both Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7, they offer 32 MB of cache. 

Here, it creates confusion regarding the comparison. 

However, you can make your choice between Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 by looking at the other aspects.


socket processor - Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 | Which One is Worth Buying?

There is no link between the socket and the performance however the socket is related to the motherboard. 

One important thing I will mention here is that if you are looking for a motherboard, then these processors have made it easy for you to choose because both use the same socket, which is named AM4.

Integrated Graphics

intregated graphic

Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 both run AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 11 integrated graphics; however, some of them run not all. 

If you are using those processors, you don’t need a graphics card for running or booting a system. But you’ll find some Ryzen processors which actually require graphic cards. 

Look, these Ryzen processors come at a price that can even afford a discrete GPU; however, if you don’t want to go for that, you need to ensure that your choice has integrated graphics. 

In my opinion, you can’t get high graphic performance without a GPU. However, with integrated graphics, you can play light games, browse, etc. 

Moreover, you must go for a discrete graphics card if you want heavy or high graphics performance.



Thermal Design Power figures out how much heat a processor can handle and how much power it consumes when it is being used. 

If you ask me about Ryzen 5, the average TDP is 65W, but there is nothing to worry about the heating and power consumption. 

On the other hand, you’ll find the Ryzen 7 a little unique because that starts from 65 W to 105 W. 

For this, you need to ensure that you have a power supply that can deal with cooling solutions; otherwise, your system will get overheated. 

What are the Similarities Between Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7? 

Now that you have a good understanding of the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processors, you need to explore their similarities; let’s just get into the further details!

Both of the processors use the same socket known as AM4 from AMD:

 To fit the new Ryzen processor, you’ll need to upgrade your motherboard if using an old AMD processor

However, if you already have a compatible motherboard for the Ryzen processor, you don’t need to upgrade it. 

At the same time, even if you want to upgrade the Ryzen 3 to Ryzen 5, you don’t need to go for the upgraded version of the motherboard and socket. 

One more similarity between those processors is that both can be used with the latest RAM DDR4 and allow the system to use dual-channel RAM (up to 128 GB).  

Do you know that the maximum RAM depends on the motherboard type? With these Ryzen processors or CPUs, you don’t need to be tense about the RAM.

Further, both Ryzen 5 and 7 have a completely unlocked multiplier:

Which offers you the ability to overclock. You know what? These processors are very efficient in terms of energy. 

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Which one should you Choose For Gaming?

When you use a computer for gaming, you must look at different aspects, such as RAM and GPU. 

If you don’t know how to figure out whether your system is suitable for smooth gaming, you need to run a test to check out the gaming performance. 

If you are confused between Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7, like which one is better for gaming, I think the latest Ryzen 7 is better than the older Ryzen 5.

Because that possesses more power to run heavy games, you may go for Ryzen 5 if you want to play light games.

Which One is Better to Buy; Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7 Processor? 

You first need to figure out for what purpose you want a processor, then you can buy one. 

However, the Ryzen 7 is the latest and most powerful processor for gaming, editing, streaming, etc., because it offers more cores and threads. 

But it doesn’t mean the Ryzen 5 has nothing to do, or you cannot go for that. 

See if you want a powerful processor. Still, within a low budget, this is for you and is suitable for light games, web browsing, watching videos on YouTube, etc. above; it is already mentioned that both impressive offer performance, and you know what? The latest Ryzen’s processors are pretty much better in several ways.

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Is Ryzen 7 better or Ryzen 5?

The Ryzen 7 is much better than the Ryzen 5 but depends on your usage purpose. This process has more cores and threads, which adds to its performance. Further, it allows you to edit 4k videos, play heavy games, and multi-task with the remarkable performance you wish for.

Is Ryzen 7 faster than 5?

The Ryzen 7 is a faster and better performer than the Ryzen 5. Ryzen 7 offers more cores about 8, whereas the Ryzen 5 has 6 cores. Not only this, but the Ryzen 7 processor has more threads, which makes the whole process run smoothly by breaking down the cycle.

Is a Ryzen 7 worth it?

You should first decide for what purpose you want to have a processor; however, if you have agreed to buy Ryzen 7 then it’s a powerful and efficient processor for multiple tasks. It is already mentioned that Ryzen 7 is costly; however, it’s an ideal choice for gaming and editing. 

Is Ryzen 5 equivalent to i7?

There are different processors of Ryzen, such as 3, 5, 7, and 9. However, the Ryzen 3 has Intel Core i3, the Ryzen 5 corresponds to Core i5, Ryzen 7 has Core i7, and the 9 has Core i9. Moreover, this is due to the close similarity in specs and performance. This clearly shows that Ryzen 5 isn’t equivalent to i7. 

Do I need Ryzen 5 or 7 laptops?

Again, it depends on your requirements; however, both the processors are powerful and good enough for performance; if you want to do multi-tasking, you can go for one. For daily tasks such as watching videos and web browsing, go for Ryzen 5. However, for editing, streaming, and gaming, the Ryzen 7 is better, but it’s expensive.

Is there a big difference between Ryzen 5 and 7?

Yeah, there is a significant difference between the Ryzen 5 and the Ryzen 7. The number of cores and threads in a processor matters a lot because they contribute to good performance during multiple tasking. Ryzen 7 has more cores and threads than Ryzen 5, but Ryzen 5 is quite budget-friendly. 


A powerful and efficient processor for a computer is mandatory because it allows you to perform many tasks simultaneously, which is a blessing in itself. 

However, if you don’t have a good processor, you won’t be able to perform several tasks simultaneously. 

Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 are both excellent performers in their own way, however different when it comes to tasks. 

For editing and gaming, Ryzen 7 is an ideal choice; however, Ryzen 5 is for web and watching videos. 

Ryzen 5 Vs Ryzen 7? Make a choice between them according to your requirements and budget too!

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