How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen?

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen
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Finding ways on how to remove white spot on laptop screen? Well, we have your back!

No matter if you are working in any field, you will need a good laptop for your difficult work, long term or short term.  To work efficiently you need a good laptop screen. Because the display screen is the main part of your laptop that increases the beauty of your work and also can reduce the quality of your work.

When working for a longer period you will definitely see spots on your screen. Just because of one spot, if you are thinking about changing your laptop, then you must follow these steps that are discussed for your efficiency of the work.

For your ease you must clean it immediately otherwise it may increase with time. for cleaning the white spot on your laptop we have discussed all the required information that you must know.  Because it is not difficult at all but you can easily clean it within minutes. 

What is White Spot on Laptop screen?

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen

White spot is basically The backlit screen of your screen.  if you are facing the issue of the spot on your screen then it is easy to clear it very easily. Suddenly if you see any spot appear on your screen without even falling down then it is because of high usage on high brightness Furthermore there can be more reasons just like because of much use of the screen, maybe with high or low brightness or sometimes it’s because of low quality of the screen LED. 

So there is no need to panic in any condition if you are facing the same issue but it can be easily solved by just completing some easy steps that are discussed for your ease.

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Reasons Of White Spot:

So there may be several reasons for a white spot on the laptop screen. But the main reason is that: 

  • There is a dropping reflector of the system LCD that causes white spots on the surface of the screen. 
  • These dropping reflectors are mirrors that are located opposite to the LED backlight.
  • These mirrors diffuse to reflect the light on the display. 

There is a series of LED lights located in the LCD. These all LED lights are covered with some plastic reflectors that are known as their lenses.  So this is the reason when your laptop becomes overheated.

  • Those Lenses start to fly off and create white spots on your screen. 
  • In some laptops the screen becomes darker from the sides of the laptop. It is also because of the same reason as white spot. 

As we know this white spot comes because of overheating or maybe the low quality of the laptop screen. There are some laptops that have a light-conducting plate that is made up of plastic that got damaged fastly when overheated or because of low quality. Also one of the common reasons that cause a white spot on the laptop screen is touching the screen with long nails or any pointed objects.

Malfunctions That Cause White Dots or Spots:

LED reflectors:

In every laptop, There is a reflector that is also known as the lens of the screen. This lens is used for spreading LED light on the laptop screen very easily. Sometimes these lenses fold down from the exact place and because of the loosened lens, you will see spots on your screen. There might be only one spot or several spots,  depending on the quality of your laptop screen. Source

Pixel quality dead:

As we know every LCD is made up of millions of pixels that work to show us images. Sometimes if any particular pixel of the screen Is broken then you will see a spot on the screen. Sometimes the pixels that work to generate the screen image may be stuck in any condition then we will face spots on the screen.

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen?

No matter if you don’t have much knowledge about gadgets or laptops But still you can easily clear the spot on your display screen. You can easily fix your spot problem by opening the screen of the laptop And just using any glue for reattaching the reflectors or lenses that are dropped from their original place. This is the only easy step by which you will see your screen clean and clear from white spots. 

Required Material to Remove White:

  • Mini pry bar. 
  • Cotton swabs. 
  • Hand gloves. 
  • Any super glue. 
  • Different screwdrivers. 

Procedure to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen:

  1. Firstly cut the power supply and shut down your laptop properly from setting. 
  2. Now by using a screwdriver remove screws that are attached from the back of your laptop screen. 
  3. Now after dispatching the back of the laptop take out all the metal tabs carefully. 
  4. Take out the wires of speakers that are connected to your laptop and remove it from the laptop. 
  5. Shut down the circuit board that is connected to the laptop. 
  6. Now take out the metal board of the laptop very carefully. 
  7. Take the tabs very carefully and that are attached with the plastic frame.
  8. Now quickly find out the reflector that is dropped from the board. 
  9. Now apply the glue using cotton swabs on the sides where the lens fell down. 
  10. After using the glue, Put the reflector on the required place.
  11. Hold it till then the glue takes its position and spots get crushed. 
  12. After completing the process now just Repeat the process if any other spot is seen on the screen. 

Test Your Screen For White Spots after procedure:

Whenever you are purchasing a device or laptop you must take a screen test because there may be any spot issue on the models. No matter if your device is new, there may be mirrors that slip from their exact place while shipping or some laptops are installed in poor quality that causes the white spot in the laptop from the early stage. That is the reason you must take a screen test while purchasing any device laptop for re-checking the visual problems. 

Same as after completing the procedure of spot problem. you must take a test of your screen whether any other spot is there on the screen or not.  For checking the white spots just choose any dark color theme. A black theme is preferable for finding the white spots very easily. Still, if you are unable to find the white spot then open any black image on the screen of your laptop. 

After this, you will clearly see that there is no white spot on your screen and now it is easy to use your laptop without any problem with the white spot but still, if you find any white spot then just repeat the procedure that is discussed above for cleaning the laptop screen from white spots. 

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Call for White Spot removal Service:

light spot on laptop screen

As we know white spots that appear on the screen are the most common problem with the LCD of any laptop. That screen is made up of many tiny mirrors. These tiny mirrors are also known as pixels. If these pixels moved from their original, then a spot appears immediately. 

But on the other hand, if your spot is not disappearing even after the procedure of cleaning the white spots. Then there must be serious damage other than moving the reflector. it can appear because of the dead pixels on your laptop screen. Which must be solved by the white spot removal service. 

You must call the service immediately because it is a serious problem that can cause serious issues with your laptop screen. Because they can easily deal with the issue Because of past experience. 

But if your laptop is under warranty then you must call for the service system where your laptop is made. They know how to deal with the search screen issues and they can easily fix it without even charging any extra fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can dead pixels spread?

No, Dead pixels don’t move or spread on the screen. Particularly they are tiny particles that suddenly appear on the screen.

Do dead pixels go away?

No, dead pixels will not disappear on their own. We will need to fix it when a pixel is stuck. But after it becomes dead pixels we cannot fix it on our own because stuck pixels can disappear easily by some steps of clearing the spots.

How do I find a dead pixel on my laptop?

For finding the dead pixel just give a little pressure on the screen where you see the stuck pixel.  keep this thing in mind that you don’t need to give a lot of pressure because it may trigger the situation and can cause more stuck pixels. After giving up a little pressure just turn on your laptop screen and If your laptop is clear and clean then it is a stuck pixel or If the spot is still there on the screen then it is a dead pixel.

Do stuck pixels fix themselves?

Yes, they can disappear over time. Just like dead pixels, these stuck pixels are not color-changing. They can easily disappear by tapping the screen very slightly where your stuck pixel is there.

How much does it cost to repair the white spot?

If you have a severe high white spot on the laptop screen that you are going to repair it from the market. It may cost you $79 to $169. Or price may vary and depend on the laptop. Furthermore, you can check local stores for less pay rate.


The white spot problem on the laptop screen is not something new. After all, if you are using your laptop, then you might face this issue once in your life. If you want to resolve this issue by yourself then you can easily do it with some easy steps. 

Just take out the screws from the laptop and look for the lenses that are dropped from their original place. Just use any super glue to stick them to their original place.  You can handle this problem very easily. But still, if you are unable to do it just call the professionals. They can do it very easily. We hope that we have gathered all the needed information that must be taken before removing the white spot of the laptop screen.

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