How To Connect Camcorder To Laptop For Live Streaming?

How To Connect Camcorder To Laptop For Live Streaming
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The camcorder is a great electronic gadget that contains a camera and a videotape recorder. It is essentially utilized for video recording, catching minutes, and live to stream, and so forth.

The camcorder is essentially a structured Form Factor, with simply enough highlights to recognize them from cameras.

Truth be told, the Form Factor is quite often enough to make the differentiation nowadays.

The Form factor of a camcorder (stretched, fits into the palm of the hand) empowers the person to take recordings by hand while making it agreeable to both hold, point, and work.

The camera’s Form factor then again is generally intended to be held on one side by the fingers, with the remainder of the camera body is outside the hold of the hand. This makes it awkward to use on the grounds that the focal point of gravity is away from the palm making it precarious, bringing about the poor video.

Other than the structure factor there are a few qualifications, for example, picture handling and focal point components.

The first and evident one is that camcorders, for the most part, don’t have adaptive focal points. At the point when you zoom in or out, the focal points move inside the body. Cameras have focal points that stretch out of the body.

Second is picture handling. In fact, this is likewise something the camcorder is losing to cameras, explicitly simple to use ones. Be that as it may, contrasted with DSLRs, camcorders despite everything have better-programmed pictures preparing for video, contrasted with DSLRs which need a decent change before being usable.

The camcorder picture preparing likewise empowers such things like specific concentration and follow center without the unwieldy, loud apparatuses individuals use with DSLRs, and the rough and frail AF of simple to use video-able cameras.

When the camcorders began recording video at that point comes the issue of capacity. Each camcorder has restricted capacity. For this, we need a capacity medium to associate for recording and live communication and considerably more.

It is flawlessly intended for video making and recording of the best minutes. The camcorder is useful for live-spilling by interfacing it with the web. Remember, the camcorders are camcorders yet not all the camcorders are a camcorder. It is one of a kind by its highlights with the zoom ability than some other camera.

When the camcorders began recording video at that point comes the issue of capacity. Each camcorder has constrained capacity. For this, we need a capacity medium to an interface for recording and live communication and substantially more.


On the off chance that you are utilizing a camcorder first time, at that point, you should get familiar with the connection process and requirements for the camcorder. On the off chance, if that you as of now have a thought, you better understand which gears you required for a good start. But for beginners the requirements are:


How To Connect Camcorder To Laptop For Live Streaming

Sure you need a camcorder if you are using it for live streaming. If you don’t want to use it for a profession then there is no need to buy it, just borrow it from someone.


laptop for live streaming

you need a laptop to connect your camcorder and start broadcasting using RTMP software.

Broadband Connection

internet connection

You should have a super-fast internet BroadBand connection for broadcasting or live streaming. With a high-speed internet connection, you may not face any interruption between video recordings or disconnect to your video.

USB Cable/ VGA (Video Graphic Array)

vga cable

You need a USB cable to connect your camcorder with your laptop/PC but first use a Multi-Purpose Cable and check that your laptop must have a USB port, BUT.
If your laptop does not have any USB port or you are using new generation laptop which does not come with a USB port you can use USB hub but if you want to connect it with VGA and your laptop don’t have any VGA port so you can use any VGA Input Adapter.
Use USB or VGA is up to you if your camcorder has VGA output only you can use VGA cable.

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RTMP Software

RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) software is a protocol, that provides high-performance transmission of video, audio and data between encoder and server across the internet so you need RTMP software to get Broadcasting and live to stream. and RTMP using DSLR for live streaming.
Now Stage to Connect your Camcorder for Live Streaming

How to connect camcorder to laptop for Live Streaming?

After preparing the requirement for live streaming With a camcorder you need to follow these stages

Step 1

Install video broadcasting software onto your computer. There are several online software, such as VivoENT, LiveStream, UStream, and others, that allows us to download and set up streaming camera software. Moreover, you can use some online software, such as Blog TV, Just In TV and Stickam, all these resources do not require software to download or install.

Step 2

Open the broadcasting software program. Then go to the setup wizard for creating a new account for broadcasting channel.

Step 3

Now Install any RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) application in your PC. This RTMP application helps your video streams to remain steady and stable, even when drops in the bandwidth. There are so many RTMP applications such as Vidblaster, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Tricaster, and others.

Step 4

Now attach your camcorder with any tripod to keep it stable. To prevent any dark video quality or footage, position your camera in a particular room that is well illuminated.

Step 5

Plug one end of your USB cable into the camcorder’s USB port. Plug the other end of the cable into your computer’s USB port. If your camcorder comes with a VGA port instead of an HDMI or USB port then, you can still hook up your camcorder with your PC via adaptor or VGA cable.

If your computer does not have a VGA port, purchase a VGA-to-USB converter from a local electronics retailer. This allows you to plug the VGA cable into your computer’s USB port.

Step 6

Open the RTMP application on your computer. Configure the video streaming settings too high quality. The exact method to configure your settings varies by application.

Step 7

Power on your camcorder. But remember 4 step that you are in a particular room that is well illuminated.

Step 8

Start broadcasting your live video. For this, you have to click the broadcast icon, which you can find within the broadcasting application. The button may read “Go Live,” “Broadcast Now” or “Broadcast,” depending upon the software you are using.

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Connecting camcorder to MAC for live streaming

All the stages I mention are the same but some of these are different and also the essentials.

Power On Your Mac.
Power on your Camcorder.
Connect the Camcorder with Mac using camcorder USB Cable but if you are using a new generation MacBook so you need a USB hub to connect Camcorder USB Cable.
It is up to you to use any streaming software in Mac, for example, you can use Wirecast, Mimolive and there are so many out there which are supported in iOS.
And you need to connect the RCA cable to MacBook, so for doing this, you need a USB video capture card which allows you to connect the camcorder with MacBook.
Then set up your broadcasting software and RTMP software then you are good to go…

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In this article, I tell you all about the camcorder, and how To Connect Camcorder To Laptop For Live Streaming or pc and even on MacBook and tell you about the essential and software you need. I hope you found this article very informative.

Thank you

Stay Laptopfied

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