best lenovo laptop for students

10 Best Lenovo Laptops For Students

If you are a student, who had to use or carry a laptop on a daily basis for studying, then you should go for a laptop with lightweight chassis which will help and won’t put much weight on your back, but Lightweight laptops are mainly

10 Best Laptops With MX150 28

10 Best Laptops With MX150

If you are a person who thinks that investing hard end money on heavy-duty laptops is senseless and you want a medium range laptop that can do all of your video editing or photo editing tasks plus gaming then you should go to look for

Best touchscreen laptop under 1000

Best Touch Screen Laptops under 1000

Looking for Best Touch Screen Laptops under 1000? Don’t worry comes here. The world is moving day by day and the future is about touchscreen gadgets. Having a touchscreen laptop is quite useful because you can draw, you can design, and many more things. Finding

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