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laptops for dual monitor

Best Laptop For Dual Monitors And Multitasking

“Two Heads Are Better Than One”. You probably heard about this quote before. But in today’s world, “Two Monitor Are Better Than One” seems to be quite suitable according to current scenarios. And you are here because you know what I’m talking about! Yes, I’m


8 Best Gaming Laptops With DP Port | Display Port

Having a Gaming laptop with HDMI is ordinary but having a gaming laptops with DP port or Display port is perfect for those who want to do multi-tasking by having more than one monitor. But Not many manufacturers produce laptops with DP ports, so looking

Gaming Laptops With 16GB Ram

10 Best Gaming Laptops With 16GB RAM | Must Read Guide

Looking For Gaming Laptops With 16GB RAM? I got it. Hardcore gamers! I know the importance of 16GB RAM in gamers like however, having a gaming laptop with 16GB RAM is a blessing for the serious gamer who wants to play games anywhere they want