10 Best Laptops For Film Students | Recommended By Experts in 2022

There are many laptops in the market due to which people are confused while buying laptops for filmmaking, which brand is best and can fulfill all needs. But in this article, we will tell you the top best laptops for film students and video editing. These all are best for you, and you will come to know which laptop you have to buy, after reading this complete article without doing too much struggle. 

Video editing and filmmaking are very tough, complex, and reserve concentrated work. Being a student, you just need to focus on all things necessary for video editing like color grading, composting, audio editing, and 3D representation; these all make the video best and make you a professional in the film industry. 

For all these above things, you must need the best laptop that can perfectly edit a video. Film-making is a thing in which many people are unknown about distinguishing software that can give the overall best performance

So, for this purpose, you also have to know about various software related to videos, images, and inserting audio. Having the best laptop for filmmaking will complete your work before the deadline. And you will get a lot of extra time to change things in your way. 

Do we also want to tell you why choosing the best laptop for film editing is essential?

  As I told you before, all the students cannot single out all software to complete the entire work. They must know about all software to prepare present visual images. And they must comply with all processing requirements to do overall professional work.   There is only a little software that students often need to do work. By choosing the best laptop, students will be able to do work in the best way.

Things to consider before buying your best laptop for film students:

Nowadays for video editing and filmmaking, laptops are needed. For this purpose in laptops, we also have to consider some specifications. The best laptops that are used for filmmaking have specifications like display which must be very good at least 16inches. Because for filmmaking purposes students have to choose that display that is best for the eyes and provides good viewing angles.

You must also consider that the laptop is capable of cutting, color correction and has good editing power. In filmmaking colors, contrast and 3D modulation are the main things. So, it is necessary that the laptop must have good power upon these all.

  Choose the laptop with the latest generation and the latest Intel core. Because this adds an increase in features of laptops for filmmaking,  which is a brilliant thing.  The GPU of the laptop must be very fast. And also check specifications like storage, SSD is the very best option.

 Because it can store all data files and software’s in an easy way without running out of space storage. The laptop which consists of these all features will be the best laptop for filmmaking students. 

What Are Best Laptops for Film Students?

  1. MSI Creator 15 – Best Laptops For Film Students
  2. ASUS ROG Strix Scar – Best Laptop For Video Editing
  3. Acer Predator Helios 300 – Best Laptops For Filmmaker Students
  4. ASUS ZenBook 15 – Best Laptops For Filmmaking Students
  5. Razer Blade Stealth – Best Laptops For Filmmaking
  6. Microsoft Surface Book 3 – Best Laptops For Film Majors
  7. LG LCD Laptop – Best Laptops For Photography Students
  8. HP Spectre x360 – Best Laptops For Film Production
  9. HP ZBook Studio x360 – Best Portable Laptops For Film Production
  10. Acer Aspire 5 – Best Laptops For Film Creator

What specifications do you need on Laptops for film students?

If you people do not follow the specifications, you will not perform video editing with high speed. Without following these specifications, your laptop will just be adequate for video cutting only. For buying, you need to check the specifications that you need for filmmaking. For filmmaking, some specifications are needed like processor, display, graphics, storage, memory, operating system, and weight. 


The laptop for filmmaking must have a processor of quad-core i7-8750H, 9750H, 10750H with 8th, 9th or 10th generation. These core and generations are best to do work in a good way. If you are buying a laptop with an AMD processor, then make sure that it is RYZEN. 


LED of laptop for film making the must-have display of at least 15inches with a resolution of 1920×1080. This display helps do work in an office and during traveling as well. 


In film students and video editing, not all the effects need GPU acceleration. But for some factors, if the student is doing much intensive work like color changes and transitions, the student needs to pay attention to graphics. That must have NVIDIA or AMD graphics.  


128GB SSD and 256GB SSD with 1TB HDD is required, but if there is no HDD, then an SSD of 512GB is best. But if it also is not, the storage of laptops is upgradeable. So you can change them to get faster speed. 


8GB RAM is good, but 16GB RAM is commonly required for filmmaking. If 8GB RAM is inserted, it can be changed to 16GB because it is upgraded.

Operating system:

Windows 10 consists of editing software. So in the film, working laptops must add at least a window seven operating system for quality work. 


The weight of the laptop must not be hefty. Because for filmmaking students have to put laptops with them during traveling. So, if the weight of the laptop is below, then it will be easy to carry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is laptop portability for a film student?

A filmmaking student has to go to many places to study the filmmaking process. So, the laptop should be light in weight and have a good battery. Portability is a perfect balance between the weight of the laptop and battery backup. 

What are the benefits of Touch screen displays for filmmaking students?

Filmmaking is not easy as video editing or music addition is very tricky. In this process, students should have to do much interaction with the system. So, for this purpose, the touch panel completes the requirements of the keyboard and touchpad for working with existing software. 

What type of laptop should I buy for my graphic design requirements?

For filmmaking students, they need laptops that have basic requirements for filmmaking and video editing. The laptop must have the lowest weight, with good battery timing. The screen must be wide, at least about 13 inches. Because large displays in filmmaking are enabled for color contrasts and 3D modules.

 An Intel processor of at least i5 is required. I3 Intel core. I am not helpful in filmmaking. SSD must be of high range to work fast and have enough space to store files and software.

Why are workstation notebooks not always suitable for filmmaking students?

It is hard to invest in separate workstation notebooks for filmmaking students. So, that’s why they just bought workstation laptops for handling 3D modeling, color grading, and demanding processes. Workstation notebook is not portable therefore these are not popular among students. 

What are the essential software modules that every filmmaking student must know how to use?

For proper video editing and composition, you need to get adobe after effects. For color, grading Davidic resolve is used.

Is MacBook Pro good for filmmaking students?

The latest MacBook Pro is suitable for filmmaking students. Now it has become custom for professional filmmakers to use the MacBook Pro.

Name some most helpful software for different Film Students and Video Editing purposes?

Adobe premiere pro, final cut pro, power director, blender, Magisto, EaseUS video editor, iMovie are helpful software for film students. 

What is the most powerful CGI tool for aspiring filmmakers? Which computing resource are you using?

For professionals and students, you should consider Autodesk Maya as an excellent CGI tool. Existing application software will be used to handle 3D animation. 

Conclusion For Best Laptops For Film Students:

We know very well that many laptops are present in the market, which is best for filmmaking. But people are able to choose the best laptops for filmmaking. We can always choose the best laptops that are best professionally for filmmaking. But students need a more comprehensive way to choose the best laptops. 

Above, we have mentioned ten devices that are best on their own according to budget, display, processor, and graphics. These all are best in your spare time, leisure, and for professional use. 

For dealing with your competitors, you need a very strong ideal laptop. For this, the ASUS ROG STRIX scare is the best choice. It is easy to understand all things and has easy ideal aspects. 

If you look for portability, then hp zbook studio x360 is the best choice at all. There are no performance trades off in this laptop. 

If you are looking for one of the cheapest laptops, there is no best choice other than Acer Aspire 5. This laptop is the cheapest laptop with a high level of performance. There is another, many options are also present, buy ASUS Zen book 15 is also the best choice. 

These all are the best choices we recommend to you, and you will not face any problem when buying laptops for filmmaking.

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