8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing

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Artists? looking for the best Chromebooks for artists? Then I welcomed you to the list of best Chromebook for artists. You all would have heard about Chromebooks and how appealing, portable, and useful they are.

But first, let me explain to you how Chromebooks differs from the other regular laptops. Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome operating system. They are light in weight and are very affordable. You can use Chromebook to download and install different apps from Google play store.

Chromebooks do not need heavy components to run and program because Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system. Even you can use it offline to continue with your artistic drawing. And Chromebooks are really useful for drawing, how I will tell you after these lists.

So without further Ado, let’s jump into the lists of best Chromebooks for artists.

Best Chromebooks for Artists:

  • Google Pixelbook Go 
  • Acer Chromebook Spin 13
  • HP Chromebook X360
  • Lenovo Chromebook C340
  • ASUS Chromebook Flip 
  • Samsung Chromebook Plus V2
  • Dell Inspiron 11
  • Samsung Chromebook 

Comparison Table For Best Chromebooks for Artists:

4GB RAMLaptopsStorageMemoryOn Amazon
Google Pixelbook Go 128GB SSD16GB RAMView On Amazon
Acer Chromebook Spin 13128GB SSD8GB RAMView On Amazon
HP Chromebook X36064GB SSD8GB RAMView On Amazon
Lenovo Chromebook C34064GB SSD4GB RAMView On Amazon
ASUS Chromebook Flip 64GB SSD4GB RAMView On Amazon
Samsung Chromebook Plus V232GB SSD4GB RAMView On Amazon
Dell Inspiron 1132GB EMMC4GB RAMView On Amazon
Samsung Chromebook32GB EMMC4GB RAMView On Amazon

Google Pixelbook Go – Best Chromebooks for Artists

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 18 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 2

Starting with the first best Chromebook for artists is Google Pixelbook Go, this Chromebook surely manufacture by Google, the same company that introduces Chrome OS, Google Pixelbook Go is one of the superb ChromeBook with incredible performance.

This high-performance Google Pixelbook Go comes with built-in Google Assistant and this is quite easier to access, so rather than press the Google Assistant key on the keyboard, just say “OK Google”, your assistant will be ready to help you by saying hi, how can I Help?

The Pixelbook Go is packed with 8th generation Intel Core i5-8200Y processor that has the ability to gives you fast speed and high-performance experience that you can use in your drawing. This CPU is specially designed for thin and fanless laptops. Pixelbook Go measures only 10.5mm in thickness when lid is closed and it weighs only 2.33 pounds.

This is one of the best Chromebook in this list, no doubt. Its massive internal specification, display, resolution, design, and other features aids thisto make it one of the impressive performance Chromebook

With the memory of 16GB RAM, you can load multiple tasks like drawing and design at a time and we can assure you that it won’t lag even for a nanosecond. Talking about its storage capacity, you will have a 128GB SSD where you can save you awesome drawings.

In addition to its features, it has a 13.3 Inch Touchscreen with beautiful 1920 x 1080 pixel displays. Its Corning Gorilla glass makes Pixelbook Go one of the durable and reliable Chromebook. Its screen will not damage even if you drop it from 6ft, But DON’T DO THAT. For the graphics interface, the Intel Integrated Graphics chipset has been used which gives a crispy, colorful, and bright resolution.

Google Pixelbook Go designed to appeals to its users. It’s designed to catch the eyes, and performance is still enough for any Chromebook in this price tag. That’s the second reason to add this Chromebook in the list of best Chromebooks for artists, which is because of its aesthetic design. Its software enhancement as well as impressive design is going to increase your expectations from it.

You will be glad to know that Google Pixelbook Go has four noise-canceling microphones that block the distorting noise and makes your voice clear and loud. So not only Pixelbook Go is best for artistic drawing but also for video conference.

The Google Pixelbook Go is equipped with a full-fledged keyboard. And its change from a tablet to a laptop which is seamless. Its weight is around 2.33 pounds and designed with 360-degree touchscreen display.

You can use it as a laptop, tablet, or tent for drawing. It won’t disappoint you at all. Overall, Google Pixelbook Go is a Chromebook that won’t make you regret your money spent. This Chromebook can last long for 12 hours.

Pixelbook Go has a special Pixel pen which enhances your drawing experience. But unfortunately, this dedicated pen doesn’t include along with Pixelbook Go. You need to purchase it separately.

Best Chromebooks for Artists
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Core i5-8200Y
GPUIntel Integrated Graphics
Display13.3 Inch Touchscreen
Storage128GB SSD
Memory16GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life12 Hours
Boot Up Speed3 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/2.33 Pounds
  • Excellent performance.
  • Beautiful and durable.
  • Noice Cancelling Microphones
  • Pixel Pen is not included.

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 – Best Chromebooks for Drawing

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 38 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 4

The second Chromebook is specially engineered for designers and artists, this Chromebook is known as Acer Chromebook Spin 13, for the artists who looking for professional looks, strength, and durability ChromeBook, then this would be a perfect choice.

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 comes with an 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U processor with an 8GB RAM for enough memory. This is much more enough for any artist to draw any artistic design, this Chromebook should be in the first position but 8GB RAM makes this laptop to be in the second position. But you won’t be disappointed with its fast performance.

Again to store any high detail graphic designs 128GB is enough, This Acer Chromebook Spin 13 comes with the screen size of 13.5 inch with full HD 2256 x 1504 pixels resolution. Acer Chromebook’s screen has been designed to rotate 360 degrees with dual hinges. You can use it as a laptop, tablet, tent, or even stand due to its responisve movement. Acer Chomebook Spin is lightweight and sleek designed.

Acer Chromebook spin is very easy to use and is really responsive. It comes with built-in virus protection software. The immersive speakers will make your mood really happy while drawing as they are of such high quality. It has Dual audio speakers which will make your experience go on another level.

You can take this Chromebook everywhere you want to and you can use it anywhere without any issue. Moreover, it has a wide-angle HD Webcam that makes video conferences can really enhance your overall experiences. The Corning Gorilla Glass Touchpad gives you a responsive touch experience.

It has a durable body made from aluminum, which looks so stylish. It is sturdy enough to resist bents and dents on it. Moreover, the material used in this Chromebook is scratchless so no worry of scratching it.

For the artists who love good looks, durability, and strength, then this is a perfect choice. Acer Chromebook Spin is another device that makes it easier for artists to draw their great ideas. It has an aluminum body, which looks premium. It is sturdy enough to resist external scratches on it.

And the best part is that Chromebook Spin comes with Wacom Stylus Pen, so you don’t have to buy it, this laptop can last long for than 10 hours. Just imagine, sitting in front of beautiful nature, scenery idea just came into mind, so what you have to do, just pull out your Chromebook and Stylus pen and start drawing it.

There are 2 USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 ports that support charging as well, data, and hi-resolution display output port. It also comes with an SD card reader. You will find a Stylus pen in the keyboard area.

Acer Chromebook Spin is a little heavy as compared to other Chromebooks on the same list. But it is still very portable enough to carry in your backpack very easily. You can flip it without much effort and change it into the tablet. If you are looking for a Chromebook on a budget with high performance, then you might want to consider this one as a great option.

CPU Benchmarks
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Core i5 8250U
GPUIntel Integrated Graphics
Display13.5 Inch Touchscreen
Storage128GB SSD
Memory8GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life10 Hours
Boot Up Speed3 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/3.50 Pounds
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Quick Boot up
  • Very responsive
  • Portable
  • No cons

HP Chromebook X360 – Best Budget Chromebook For Artists

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 58 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 6

HP always knows for low budget devices which always boasts the competitors, the as same its Chromebook series so, in this list of best Chromebooks for artists, our third one is HP Chromebook X360.

Chromebook X360 packed with suitable 8th Generation Intel Core i3-8130U Processor. Moreover, it has a frequency rate of 1.5 GHz base frequency, up to 2.3 GHz burst frequency that increases the processing rate. It performs pretty well for browsing, checking your emails, drawing, and downloading stuff from Google Play Store.

When talking about its memory, 8GB RAM, and storage capacity of 64GB SSD, HP Chromebook X360 presents a balanced combination for the drawing environment. These combinations allow it to perform well and fast and also to be good at multitasking.

It is surprisingly rare to get a 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution on a very budget Chromebook. The screen of HP Chromebook x360 is very sharp, colorful, and vibrant at 1080 pixels. The Graphics Coprocessor hosted by this device is Intel UHD Graphics 620 which is pretty cool for any artists.

HP Chromebook X360 is a stylish and premium looking laptop. The grayish matte ceramic finish gives it a premium look. It is lightweight, sleek, and has a tapered design, which makes it so eye-catching. Coming to its display size, it comes with a 14 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel and the screen can be flipped and rotated.

The screen of this Chromebook is not much brighter but clear. As the brightness of this Chromebook is 228 nits, the brightness of Chromebook X360 is below the average brightness of 250 nits.

If you are an artist who gets their drawing ideas in the middle of the night then its backlit keyboard would be the plus point for you.

The wide-angle 5MP front camera allows you to take pictures and selfies with it. HP Chromebook x360 also features an audio jack, two USB Type C ports, a volume up and down button, and a power button. It is fast and it feels premium. It’s definitely the best value for money Chromebook.

HP Chromebook x360 will surely meet your everyday use. So don’t be picky while buying it if you are looking for low budget Chromebook. The screen can also be used in both directions. This Chromebook X360 does everything you would need for drawing amazing sketches.

CPU Benchmarks
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Core i3-8130U
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620
Display14 Inch Touchscreen
Storage64GB SSD
Memory8GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life11 Hours
Boot Up Speed4 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/2.09 Pounds
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Backlit keyboard
  • You have to buy Pen separately.

Lenovo Chromebook S340 – Best Chromebook For Sketching

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 78 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 8

Need a Chromebook that looks like MacBook? Presenting you Lenovo Chromebook C340, it will take you to cloud nine by its features. The build and quality of this engineered Chromebook are extraordinary. 

Talking about the performance of the Chromebook C340, it is good enough to be relied on as an artist. With 8th Generation Intel Core i3-8130U, 4GB RAM, and 64GB SSD of flash memory, this Chromebook is not just for fun. It gets you the best results in drawing and multitasking.

Even when more than one applications were open along with Netflix series, C340 did not show any lag in completing the works assigned to it.

The Lenovo Chromebook C340 engineered with stylish design, and because it is quite lightweight so you may take it anywhere you go, making others envy by MacBook looking Chromebook.

The sharp and precise colored IPS 15.6 Inch screen is a highly responsive touch display that enhances the drawing experience. The Chromebook won many hearts with its smooth trackpad and will surely win over yours too.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about regular software updates or virus protection because this Chromebook has no bloatware software that needs updates.

Lenovo Chromebook C340 is appreciated by many creative artists and non gamers. It comes with an aluminum body yet is very light weighted which makes this Chromebook very favorite among the artists who might have to carry their Chromebook for project creation or presentations, and it is also a hit among the nongamers who want to use a Chromebook for leisure activities.

The battery life is also very optimized for its specifications. Lenovo Chromebook C340 has a battery life of up to 10 hours.

CPU Benchmarks
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Core i3-8130U
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620
Display15.6 Inch Touchscreen
Storage64GB SSD
Memory4GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life10 Hours
Boot Up Speed5 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/4.40 Pounds
  • 15.6 inch display is great for a Chromebook
  • Good battery timing
  • Great resolution
  • Again No pen included

ASUS Chromebook Flip – Best Chromebook For Sketchup

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 98 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 10

The famous one the ASUS Chromebook Flip one, this Chromebook is the most famous Chromebook for any purpose that is why this is still the best selling Chromebook in amazon and also the reason to put this in the list of best Chromebooks for artists.

ASUS Chromebook Flip hosts an Intel Core M5 processor.  It is also equipped with a 4GB RAM for memory. This measured combination provides a lot for drawing any high defined drawings. It can work well without causing any delay.

The with the storage capacity of this Chromebook is 64GB SSD and the Graphic Coprocessor of Intel HD Graphics. This Asus Chromebook can hold anything you throw its way for drawing. The fast performance of this Chromebook is ensured by the quick switching between the application.

Talking about the display of ASUS Chromebook Flip, it has a vibrant resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screen is quite bright and sharp. The artwork and the animation are shown on the display give crisp details and prominent view with proper distinct coloring.

The brightness margin of ASUS Chromebook Flip is extraordinarily high. It hits the high score of 256 nits. This brightness is the highest one as a Chromebook. This powerful feature of ASUS Chromebook Flip lets the users view clear art colors on the screen even at 80 degrees to the right and to the left. It surpasses the average category for brightness in Chromebook that is 240 nits.

ASUS Chromebook Flip has a 360-degree hinge and a full HD touch screen which lets you use your Chromebook in laptop or tablet mode. It has a sleek aluminum design that looks very sturdy. ASUS Chromebook Flip also features an unbreakable Corning Gorilla Glass screen and has a super clean design.

On the left side, you will see volume up and down button, and power button just to give you tablet look,  USB Type-C (Gen 1) port, USB Type A port, and audio combo jack and On right hand you got only one USB Type A port.

The battery life on the Chromebook Flip is not a joke, either. You can use this Chromebook for drawing for 10 Hours and can fully charge within 2 or 3 hours.

Best Chromebooks for Drawing
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Core M5
GPUIntel HD Graphics
Display12.5 Inch Touchscreen
Storage64GB SSD
Memory4GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life10 Hours
Boot Up Speed3 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/2.65 Pounds
  • Long battery life
  • Extremely fast
  • Thin, sleek and lightweight
  • Flexible 360-degree Hinge
  • Comfort typing.
  • Let me leave it Blank.

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 – Stylish Chromebook For Drawing

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 118 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 12

Samsung always is known for bringing new innovation, So the also bring something for Chromebook users, Samsung Chromebook Plus V2. the newly upgraded model from Samsung Chromebook series, let me tell its specs.

As an artist, if you are looking for a decent Chromebook with the solid build quality, then Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 would be the one. With a processor speed of 1.5GHz and a screen resolution of 1900 x 1200 pixels.

The processor used in this Chromebook is Intel Celeron 3965Y with the mixture of 4GB RAM so you can easily expected the fast performance of this chromebook, because Samsung always concern about two things first Performance and secondly build quality.

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is extremely lightweight and thin. It weighs only 2.98 pounds. The screen size is 12.2 inches. With the storage capacity of 32GB SSD, Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 loaded with everything you want in the drawing device. It also comes with stylus pen support. The Aluminum body is easy to carry and can be very easily fitted in your bag without any scratches if you’re going out.

You can take your Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 everywhere you want to, and use it anytime you want. You can install any of the applications on your Samsung Chromebook using google play store and you can keep on drawing, and sharing your artworks at the same time.

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 plus features a keyboard and a responsive trackpad. It has a high-resolution stunning Quad HD display. The screen is made of durable and smooth Gorilla Glass 3 so it doesn’t matter how many times you draw with your pen on the screen, you don’t have to worry about scratches.

The moveable 360-degree profile hinge is something that you can feel while changing laptop to tablet. In addition to its features, a Built-in precise pen is also there, which gives you the freedom to draw anything on your Chromebook and helps to scroll, tap, zoom, and swipe with the help of your pen.

If you are a person who loves multitasking while drawing to gets interesting ideas, then this would be the best Chromebook for you. Even you can play your games while drawing. The battery of the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 lasts more than 9 hours.

Best Chromebooks for Artists
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Celeron 3965Y
GPUIntel HD Graphics 615
Display12.2 Inch Touchscreen
Storage32GB SSD
Memory4GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life9 Hour
Boot Up Speed7 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/2.98 Pounds
  • Bright and vivid display
  • Great keyboard
  • Build quality
  • 360-degree profile
  • Pen Included
  • Non-Stop Using may cause some heats which is normal.

Dell Inspiron 11 – Best Budget Chromebook For Drawing

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 138 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 14

Our Runner up Chromebook is Dell Inspiron Chromebook that is also known as Inspiron 11, this is a sturdy and well-built Chromebook that has mainly targeted the students but due to the responsive touchscreen, we put this laptop in the list of best Chromebooks for artists.

It is a competent device that you can surely buy if you have a tight budget. The Inspiron 11 is quite functional and perfect for your rigorous drawing. let’s talk about everything that Dell Inspiron 11 possesses and why it would be a good choice for you as an artist.

When you look for a Chromebook in the market, you may come across two types of devices. Some are premium, well-built devices such as Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 or Acer Chromebook Spin 13 while others are cheap devices, the main difference between both types is that premium devices look well built and expensive while cheap one looks bulky but the performance is same on both.

Inspiron 11 is a cheap one that looks cheap but performance-wise same as Samsung Chromebook Plus V2. The processor equipped in this Chromebook is Intel Celeron N3060. This processor has boost frequency starting from 1.6GHz up to 2.4GHz. The maximum requirements of SketchUp is a 2.8GHz processor so that it can run with ease. It works on dual cores to process your data.

The memory inside this Chromebook has the 4GB RAM, Storage capacity uses 32GB EMMC EMMC modified to faster the speed twice and reduces power consumption.

Dell Inspiron 11 comes with a backlit display that was really given this new one. It has a display size of 11.6-inch along with enough resolution quality of 1366 x 768 pixels. The color accuracy is also really precise and it provides you with all the vibrant color you need to draw colored artworks.

Inspiron 11 comes with the same aluminum and rubber casing, not fighting the stereotype regarding all the above Chromebooks but there is still something changes about the design. Inspiron 11 comes with a purpose and that purpose is to keep this Chromebook as under budget as possible.

The scratchless keyboard of this Chromebook is also among one of the many things and we love about it. The keys are responsive and the feedback is quite firm. The trackpad and touchscreen also work really responsive together. The clicking mechanism is sufficient.

The speed of the Wi-Fi is also well-suited for any home usage and it will speed up things very quickly for you. Inspiron 11 comes with the basic 2 USB 3 1 Gen1 ports. And also provide you with an HDMI port, a dedicated SD card reader along in the left side, and an Audio Jack, volume control button, and power button along the right and a microSD card reader port.

On the battery performance, Dell Inspiron 11 can lead your usage up to 11 hours. And it can charge 60% within 1 hour. This Chromebook is really easy to care and weighs around 3.16 pounds. This laptop can be a good option for those looking for long battery timing.

CPU Benchmarks
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Celeron N3060
GPUIntel Integrated Graphics
Display11.6 Inch Touchscreen
Storage32GB EMMC
Memory4GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life11 Hours
Boot Up Speed3 Seconds
MaterialAluminum + Rubber/3.16 Pounds
  • The keyboard is solid and sturdy
  • Keyboard is scratchless
  • Low Budget
  • Suitable Performance
  • The backlight is a bit dim.
  • Looks Bulky

Samsung Chromebook – Best Budget Chromebook To Draw

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 158 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 16

This is also a Samsung’s Chromebook but a cheap one, Samsung laptops were present in the market some years ago, but their high-quality and efforts made them stand last in the list of best chromebooks for artists. Let’s check out what this device from Samsung holds for us.

The CPU in this Samsung Chromebook is N3060. This processor is really fast in rapid processing with less power consumption. This CPU has the max frequency rate at the 2.4GHz frequency. Getting an Intel Celeron N3060 on a cheap laptop is a good achievement for you, so you can do also multitasking while drawing your arts.

In combination with the above processor, 4GB RAM is much enough and can run your SketchUp and other drawing software very conveniently. This Samsung Chromebook uses 32GB EMMC. EMMC will help you to utilize the essential data in offline mode.

Samsung Chromebook uses Intel HD graphics to give you more accurate and precise graphical results. If you are drawing arts, video editing, or gaming these graphic coprocessors will provide you the real feel and it can lead you to handle any high definition arts through this Intel graphics and this is the plus point to have integrated graphics coprocessor.

The sleek aluminum body is beautifully fitting all the hardware inside the weight of 2.94 pounds only.

Samsung Chromebook comes with a high definition screen with having 11.6 inches in size and the resolution of this display is 1366 x 768 pixels. This is responsible to give you the best results.

As you may know, the Chrome operating system is too fast and quick in performance as compared to Windows operating systems. The main benefit of a Chrome-based operating system is that it comes with built-in anti-virus features that did not allow the malware and viruses to attack your data. Also, Chrome OS boots up within seconds and saves your precious time that you have to draw your ideas.

As this Chromebook is an old version but still new as features the same as with its keyboard, the use of the latest technology in this Chromebook and this is also a very attractive feature which is a Spill-resistant keyboard.

Laptops that were manufactured in the previous era were very vulnerable and cause internal damages due to their built-in unprotected keyboard. But this issue can be solved with the spill-resistant keyboard. Spill-resistant keyboard won’t allow the outside dust or different particles to enter to the hardware, which causes damages.

This Samsung Chromebook did not consume too much power. In results, it leads you to draw your idea for long hours up to 11 hours.

CPU Benchmarks
CPU Benchmarks
ProcessorIntel Celeron N3060
GPUIntel HD Graphics
Display11.6 Inch Touchscreen
Storage32GB SSD
Memory4GB RAM
Operating SystemChrome OS
Battery life11 Hours
Boot Up Speed7 Seconds
MaterialAluminum/2.54 Pounds
  • Comfortable, full-size spacious keyboard
  • Virtually silent performance
  • Updated Operating system
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Speakers aren’t that good
  • Not thin as above Competitos

So the list of our best chromebooks for artists is just going to complete.

Still Confuse?

Hey if you want to buy a Chromebook that has no Stylus Pen Included then don’t worry just spend couple dollars to get Universal Stylus Pen, here are our best recommendations:

8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 178 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 18
8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 198 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 20
8 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 218 Best Chromebooks For Artists And Drawing 22

Do You Really Need Chromebook?

If you’re an artist and you want a device that is simply affordable, has a long battery life and is secure also, then you would need to go and grab yourself a Chromebook.

They have a very durable design and excellent battery life, they just like a steel paper that let you draw anything you want and erase anything you want to, they give you the freedom to take this steel paper anywhere you want.

Also, Chromebook lets you download every kind of software and application you need that aids in drawing artworks. And there is nothing in Chromebooks that can create an obstacle in your way to create amazing designs.

Other than that, Chromebooks have such a long battery life which is enough to force you to forget about the ordinary laptops. It can easily run and work all day long.

But they are chromebooks not laptops so they have some cons.

There are some things you need to consider before buying any Chromebook. Let me tell you what.

With a Chromebook, you can only download and install the apps from Google Play store or the Chrome web store, Chromebooks do not support any windows software.

And you will not be able to connect any security cameras or scanners with any Chromebook but for any artist, this is not necessary to connect any CCTV.

The Chromebook will not be suitable for you if you need to install any windows software. Also, If you’re an enthusiast of the PC games, then Chromebook won’t be any good for you. However, there are still so many android games that you can easily in Chromebooks like Clash of Clans, Modern Combat and etc
Same with drawing software there are so many software that helps you to draw arts such as ArtFlow, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, finite Painter, Concepts, Sketchpad, Krita, Inkscape and etc

So consider these things really carefully before buying a Chromebook but as an Artist who loves travel, Chromebook will be a good choice.

How To Choose Best Chromebook For Artist?

There is something you have to keep in mind before buying any Chromebook for an artist. So keep in mind before making any decision.


For Drawing any artworks, Chromebooks with 4GB or 8GB is much enough to run any application smoothly.


The Processor decides how smoothly your Chromebook performs when you are drawing arts. Because you probably don’t want your Chromebook to stop in the middle of your drawing so benchmarks with 600 or above will be enough for any drawing application.

Storage Capacity

As the Chrome OS is very lightweight, so they don’t need much storage capacity. But nowadays storage is important so it depends upon your needs, and don’t be confused between EMMC and SSD, they both are the same.

These are all the things that you need to consider before buying the best Chromebook for you.

Wrapping Up

We have tried out best to gather all the great information and list you need to know and we added the little details about every Chromebooks, so you don’t have to go from one website to another to find for the Best Chromebooks for Artists.

Thank You

Stay Laptopified!

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