Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast?

Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast?

Frustrated to ask yourself Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast? Well, here is why…

The laptop battery is one of those things that you can’t do without, but you don’t want it to die too quickly.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how frustrating it can be to have your laptop die on you just as you’re about to finish a project or get some work done.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your battery from dying completely and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the top 6 tips that will help your laptop’s battery last longer, and help you avoid the frustrations of having a dead battery before the end of the day!

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5 Reasons for fast draining of laptop’s battery:

Laptop batteries are designed to last a certain amount of time. When the battery is fully charged, it should last for around four hours before it starts losing charge.

However, if you’re not careful, your battery will drain quickly and you won’t be able to use your laptop for as long as you would like. Here are five reasons why a laptop battery drains fast:

Keeping the screen brightness to maximum

One of the major reasons for the fast draining of a laptop’s battery is its screen brightness. The screen is the biggest power hog in your laptop and it will drain your battery pretty quickly if you keep it at maximum level.

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If you want to stay productive and get more work done in the same amount of time, then you should adjust the screen brightness to a lower level. You can also use an app like f.lux to make your screen look warmer at night and easier on your eyes.

Also, keep in mind that using some apps like games or watching videos will also drain your battery faster than usual because they need more power from your laptop.

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Keeping on the backlight of the keyboard

You may have noticed that your laptop’s battery drains fast when you are using it for a long time. It could be because of an overheating issue or some other reason, but in most cases, this is due to the keyboard backlight.

keyboard backlit

If you aren’t using the keyboard backlight, then turn it off. You can do this by pressing FN + F5 key on most laptops. Also, don’t forget to adjust the brightness of your screen and turn it off when not in use. If there is one thing that will save power on your laptop more than anything else, then it would be turning off your wireless connection when not in use!

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Connecting several peripherals to your laptop

The more devices you connect to your laptop, the more power it will consume.

You can connect multiple hubs and docking stations to your computer, which will require more power than a single USB port.

Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast

This is especially true if you plan on connecting wireless mice, keyboards, and other peripherals that require no physical connection with the computer itself.

If you want to use an external hard drive or printer without having them connected at all times (for example), then this could also be problematic.

If your laptop has only one USB port available but still requires several external peripherals (such as webcams or printers) then it may not have enough juice left in its battery after being used intensively throughout the day even though its charge was full when initially plugged into an outlet!

Keeping your laptop in high-performance mode

To keep your battery in high-performance mode, you need to turn off the high-performance mode. This will make sure that your laptop doesn’t drain too fast when you are not using it.

If you are using your laptop and have to switch from one task to another quickly, then turning off the high-performance mode can help save some power on your laptop’s battery by making sure that all of its functions are available at once without needing more power than what is needed for those specific tasks.

Many applications running in the background

You should also try to close all the apps that you are not using. The free RAM is a must in this case, so you can use your laptop with ease.

If you notice that your laptop has a low battery life and it’s fast draining, then there could be some other issues causing the problem such as malware infection or viruses on your machine.

laptop task manager

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What are the different ways to fix the fast laptop battery draining problem? 

There are many reasons why your battery will run out of power in a short amount of time. It can be because you didn’t charge it properly or you have a problem with the charger. But even if this is not the case, there are things that you can do to fix that fast laptop battery-draining problem for good!

Inspect the screen brightness

If your battery is dying quickly, try turning off the screen when not in use. This will help to conserve power and extend your phone’s lifespan.

The next step is to keep your smartphone’s brightness low, this can be done by adjusting the settings on your phone or using an app like Tasker or Locale (which allows you to set custom sunrise/sunset hours).

Lastly, turn off auto-brightness if it’s turned on, this will prevent unnecessary laptop battery drain from occurring when no activity takes place.

Disable your keyboard’s backlight

The keyboard backlight is a great feature, but it can also be a major laptop battery drain. To put an end to this problem, you can simply turn off your keyboard’s backlight, Just by using Function Key (Fn) + Key (With Backlit Icon).

Adjust the power setting on your laptop

To make sure your laptop’s power settings are optimized for battery life, you can open the Control Panel and locate the Power Options tab. This will allow you to adjust your laptop’s settings as needed.

You might want to consider changing the power plan from ” Balanced ” (which has a balanced usage of all devices) to another option like ” High Performance .” If you only have one type of device plugged into your computer at any given time, then this is probably what works best for you!

Disconnect the unwanted peripheral devices

You can fix the fast battery-draining problem by unplugging all USB devices and Ethernet cables.

Also, disconnect Bluetooth devices, headphones, and speakers from your computer if they are not in use.

Some important peripherals that should be disconnected include printers and scanners as well as other non-essential items like card readers or external hard drives.

End the unnecessary programs running in the background

If you’re experiencing a fast battery drain problem, it’s likely that your computer is running multiple programs in the background. These can be browser extensions and apps like Facebook or Twitter.

The easiest way to see which programs are running is by opening Task Manager and checking the CPU usage graph.

If there are any programs that don’t belong in this list (for example, if you see “Adobe Photoshop CS6” listed as one), then it might be time to end those unnecessary ones before they create even more trouble for your device

Eject any inserted disc drive

If you’re using a disc drive, unplug it from your computer. If you’re using a USB drive and it is not already in the computer, remove the USB drive from its place and then insert it into another device (like another computer) so that its contents can be accessed by that device.

If you are using an SD card or pen drive as an external storage solution for your smartphone or tablet, then simply remove these items from their slots on your device before proceeding with this step.

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Different methods to check battery health:

There are two main methods to check battery health: Windows PowerShell, and Battery Optimizer.

Windows PowerShell can be used to check the health of your battery using Get-BatteryStatus and Get-BatteryInfo. The first command will return a list of all batteries in your system and their current states, while the second command will return information on each battery’s health.

Battery Optimizer is a tool that allows you to monitor the status of your battery through graphs and statistics. It also gives you a visual representation of the battery’s charge level, temperature, and voltage.

10 best tips for improving your laptop battery life:

The following are 10 amazing tips for extending the battery life of your laptop:

  1. Keep your laptop out of the sun.
  2. Don’t use your laptop in a cold environment, it will slow its performance down.
  3. Use the right accessories.
  4. Make sure you charge it at night.
  5. Don’t keep it on the charger if it’s not in use.
  6. Uninstall any unnecessary software and apps, which can be a drain on your battery life.
  7. Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use, or turn it off completely if there is no other option.
  8. Remove unused USB drives from your computer and external hard drives (if you have them).
  9. Don’t leave your laptop plugged into a power outlet for extended periods of time.
  10. Avoid using your laptop to surf the internet or watch videos for long periods of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I stop my laptop battery from draining so fast?

If you’re looking to solve your battery issue, there are a few things you can do.

First, make sure your laptop is fully charged. You can check this by going into the settings menu and looking at the battery indicator screen. If the battery is almost full, it’s time to plug in your charger and let it charge for a few hours or overnight.

You should also unplug any wireless devices and turn off Wi-Fi if possible. If you’re still having trouble after these steps, try running a cleaning routine on your computer’s hard drive. This will help clear out any debris that may be slowing down the data transfer process or draining power from your battery.

How long should a laptop battery last?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors, including how you use your laptop.

If you use your laptop for streaming videos and playing games, your battery life can be affected by how much power the video or game is using. If you’re playing an action game, for example, that uses a lot of processing power, you may find that the battery will run out sooner than if you were playing a puzzle game or watching a video.

However, if you have a newer model laptop with a high-capacity battery and low power usage, then it may take longer to run out of power because it has more capacity and can charge faster.

Why does my laptop battery only last 1 hour?

The answer is pretty simple: your laptop battery is dying because you’re not charging it properly. You see, laptops have a lot of moving parts, and the battery itself can’t keep up with all of them, so if you’re not regularly charging it, the battery will eventually run out of juice.

You can test this by plugging in your laptop and checking how long it takes to charge. If it takes more than an hour to charge, then you know that something else is wrong with your computer and that’s why it won’t charge properly.

What drains the laptop battery the most?

The laptop battery drains the most when you’re using it to charge another device. That’s because the laptop uses more power than any other component in a computer and also draws less power when it’s sitting idle.

To determine which component drains your battery the most, you need to know how much of your battery life is spent charging other devices. The easiest way to do this is by logging your battery life over time and checking if there are any spikes or drops in the data you collect from your laptop.

Is it OK to use the laptop while charging?

It’s OK to use your laptop while it’s plugged in, but you should be aware of the risks.

When you’re charging, your laptop is running at a much lower power level than when it’s switched on and running. This means that it’s less likely that you’ll damage your laptop by leaving it on while charging.

Why is my Windows 10 laptop battery draining so fast?

The issue of your Windows 10 laptop battery draining so fast is probably due to the fact that it’s not being charged at all.

You can test this by running a software called Battery Life, which will tell you how much charge is left in your device. If it says 0%, then you know your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

If you have an external charger, plug it in and let it fully charge the battery before turning off your laptop.

How can I prevent a fast battery drain?

The best way to prevent a fast laptop battery drain is by keeping your laptop plugged in when not in use. If you’re using your laptop on an airplane, at home, or in the office, you should keep it plugged in. You can also minimize the power consumption of your laptop by reducing the number of applications running at once, closing unnecessary programs and documents, and turning off unused hardware.


Hopefully, the tips in this guide will help you get more use out of your laptop’s battery, so you can enjoy the machine for longer periods of time between charges.

Of course, there are always new batteries coming to market, and laptop manufacturers often release new models every few months.

So, keep an eye out for new batteries and deals, and it may be possible to find newer model batteries at a lower cost down the line (or perhaps a model that doesn’t experience the same issues).

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