How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Nintendo Switch

How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Nintendo Switch

As the Nintendo Switch has become more popular, it has become a more common sight in the gaming community.

With this increase in popularity, people have noticed that the Nintendo Switch can be used as a monitor for other devices. 

This is great for people who want to play games on their laptop or tablet but don’t have access to an external monitor. 

It’s also great to play games on your phone or other devices without buying another device just for it.

Suppose you’ve heard of the Nintendo Switch’s ability to function as a second monitor, but you’re unsure how to do it or what kind of settings you need to tweak. In that case, this article will help you find out! I’ll explain everything from how to use a laptop as monitor for Nintendo Switch.

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How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Nintendo Switch

You must use an HDMI cable to display the switch on a laptop with the HDMI input port.

An HDMI cable can be used to connect two devices with an HDMI port, such as your laptop and TV or your smartphone and monitor.

It is important to note that not all devices that have an HDMI port can be connected using an HDMI cable. 

For example, some laptops do not come with an HDMI port, so you cannot use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to another device that does not have an HDMI port. If this is the case, you will need an adapter instead of a cable.

When connecting devices using an adapter rather than a cable, make sure that both devices are compatible before attempting to connect them.

For example, if your phone does not support Bluetooth technology, then it would be best for you not to use Bluetooth headphones because they would not work properly when being connected through Bluetooth instead of through simple cables like those which come with most phones today (which means they won’t work at all).


How to turn your laptop into a monitor for a switch with the Elgato Capture Card?  

Suppose you have a laptop or even a desktop computer and want to use it as an external monitor for your switch. In that case, the Elgato Capture Card is the answer.

An Elgato Capture Card is a device that allows you to record gameplay on your computer. It’s useful for recording videos and sharing them with friends, but it also makes it easy to share your gameplay online with the world by uploading it directly through the website.

The Elgato Capture Card allows you to turn your laptop into a monitor for a switch with the Elgato Switch software.

The card can convert any PC into a monitor for your switches, and the software allows you to easily configure the monitor settings.

However, there are a few things that you need to know before using this device. This guide will cover connecting your capture card to your switch and setting up your settings so everything works perfectly!

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How to turn your laptop into a monitor for a switch with the Elgato Capture Card?  

Elgato Capture Card Connectivity Ports

The Elgato Game Capture Card has four ports, two of which are inputs and two outputs.

Let’s go through each one one by one to understand their functionality:

Input 1 (HDMI) is the standard port to connect your laptop or desktop computer to your capture card. 

This cable can be used for input and output purposes, so it’s essential to know how you want to use it before connecting anything else!

Input 2 (VGA) is an analog connection that allows you to connect older monitors or TVs directly to your computer’s GPU without using any cables or adapters at all; however, this also means there’s no graphics processing power available if using an older monitor with limited resolutions like 1280×720 pixels…

connectivity port of ps4

HDMI Input Port

The HDMI input port is the magic port that’s missing on most laptops. The Nintendo Switch is connected to the HDMI In port, so you can connect your gaming system and monitor at once!

It will be impossible to utilize any signals that might be secured off by HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), so make sure your TV supports this type of connection if you plan on using it for video playback.

A/V In

If you want to connect your laptop to a TV or monitor, then the Elgato Capture Card is a great way to do it. 

The Elgato Capture Card doesn’t just allow for HDMI-in and -out; it also has an A/V input that allows you to connect any analog device like a VCR or DVD player through the included RCA connectors.

To use this feature, all you need is an adapter cable (which can be purchased online on Amazon or through the Elgato Store) that matches up with whatever type of video signal your equipment uses: Component, Composite, or S-Video! 

This means that if your device has only one of these three types of video output ports available then those will work best for connecting it directly to this unit instead of using separate cables like composite ones do…

av in

HDMI Output Port

Once you’ve installed the Elgato Capture Card, your computer can send the stream to your TV. 

The HDMI signal is sent by the HDMI Out, which is then captured by your laptop in real-time, allowing for a continuous gameplay session.

You can also use this port if you have a USB port on your laptop that isn’t being used for anything else yet. 

For example: If you have an extra monitor attached to your computer and want to stream video from it onto another monitor or television set (such as if someone else was using that monitor), then simply connect their device to this port so that they can get access without having any cables going between them.

hdmi port

USB Port

The Elgato Game Capture HD hardware is also powered by this USB cable. This means you can use your laptop while it’s plugged into one of these ports, making it much easier to transfer files and streams between your computer and device.

Suppose you have an older version of Windows. In that case, however, you may need additional software or drivers to get it working properly.

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What is a step-by-step connection procedure?

If you want to use your Nintendo Switch as a monitor for your laptop, this guide will show you how.

Step 1

To connect the Switch Dock to your television, find the HDMI output port on the Nintendo Switch Dock and connect it to one end of an HDMI cable.

The other end of this cable should be plugged into an available USB port on your computer, laptop, or tablet.

Step 2

The next step is connecting the opposite end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your Elgato Game Capture Card.

The black cable goes into the port labeled “HDMI out” on your Nintendo Switch and then into an open slot on our Elgato Gaming USB Dock Station, which has an HDMI output that can be used with game consoles like Nintendo Switch.

Step 3

You can now plug one of the HDMI output ports on the Elgato Capture Card into any other HDMI source. If you have a TV in your house, you could use it as your monitor. Or if you have an old PC that doesn’t have an HDMI output port, you could use that instead.

Step 4

You should have a second HDMI cable connected to your device. You can connect the other end of this cable to an HDMI port on your television or laptop, and then you’ll be able to use it as a monitor for your Nintendo Switch.

If you have multiple HDMI ports on your television or computer, make sure that all of them are turned on by checking the settings for each individual device. 

Suppose there isn’t an option in these settings for what devices should be enabled (such as “HDMI”). In that case, chances are good that they won’t work together properly because they aren’t compatible with one another!

Step 5

You’re all set to go! Now that your Nintendo Switch is connected to your laptop, the next step is to connect the HDMI cables to their respective ports. 

Once you’ve done this, connect your Nintendo Switch Dock to the HDMI cable on one end and plug it into an open socket on the back of your computer (or wall outlet).

Step 6

Once you’ve connected your device to the Elgato Game Capture HD and it’s ready to go, you can start setting up the software. 

Before starting this process, you’ll want to ensure that both devices are connected through USB or Wi-Fi.

The first thing we did was connect our Switch console directly to our laptop via a micro USB cable so that we could access its internal storage as well as play games from our PC on its screen.

We also connected an HDMI cable between them so that both would display at full resolution with no lag or interference between them (if possible).


Congratulations! You’ve completed the steps above and now have a Nintendo Switch on your laptop.

Now that you have your Nintendo Switch connected to your PC, there are some things to remember before playing:

  1. Make sure that both devices are turned on and ready for play.
  2. The game must be installed in order for it to run properly on the switch. If it isn’t already installed, download it from the Nintendo eShop or search for it online (or both).

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What are the alternative capture card choices? 

The Elgato capture card is one of the most popular streaming devices out there, but you may be wondering what other options are available. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of our favorite alternatives to the Elgato Capture Card and give tips for choosing which would be best for your needs.

Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card

The Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card is a handy device that can turn your gaming PC into a streaming machine.

 It’s compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One consoles and has full audio mixing capabilities.

The 1080p 60FPS video capture is very impressive for its size and price range. It also supports 480p, 720p, 1440p, 1080p, and 2160p resolutions. 

This is great for capturing gameplay footage of games like Fortnite or PUBG to share on YouTube or Twitch.

The HDMI 2.0 interface will allow you to get 4K 60FPS pass-through from your console to your streaming PC if you have one available at home (or in another room). 

The USB-C 3.0 interface provides fast data transfer speeds between the two devices so that you won’t have any lag time while playing games online!

The compact design makes this capture card easy to carry around wherever you go without taking up too much space in your backpack or laptop bag. 

It weighs 183g / 6.4oz, making it ideal for carrying around on long trips between classes or work meetings!

Overall this is an excellent product for anyone looking for a cheap and portable capture card to use with their console. 

It provides great quality video, but it’s not perfect for those who play many games online and need high frame rates.

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ripsaw hd card graphic

AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt is an excellent capture card alternative to Elgato’s Capture Card.

This device is lightning fast and captures 4K60 HDR video with excellent quality footage. It also supports 1080p recording up to 240FPS, which means you can get the best quality footage possible without sacrificing video quality.

The device has excellent input lag and supports high resolutions like 2160p at 60 FPS, 1440p144 or 1080p240, and 140Mbps bitrate. 

This means that your gameplay will not be affected by this product at all!

This device is highly portable and doesn’t take up much space in your system either – it just sits on top of your case and connects directly via an HDMI port.

If you are looking for an easy way to capture 4K60 HDR video from your console or PC with minimal impact on system resources, then this product would be perfect for you! It may even have enough power to power a high-end graphics card too!

AVer media gamer

AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K

AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K is an excellent choice for gamers who want to capture their best moments in 4K or to broadcast their gameplay to their friends. 

It’s easy to use and set up, and the device does not require any additional software or drivers.

The unit features a very high-quality HDMI 2.0 input with HDR support, so you can capture your best moments in HDR without any issues.

 It also supports up to 240FPS full HD recording at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, which is impressive!

The device includes an audio pass-through signal that works with both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround sound formats, so you can get top-notch audio quality when capturing footage.

The lighting customization feature allows users to customize their scenes with different colors and lighting effects according to their preferences, which is especially useful for professional productions like streamers or Vloggers who want their viewers to be able to see what they’re seeing while watching the stream live on Twitch or YouTube!

Overall, AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K is definitely worth its price tag!

AVer 4k live gamer

How do I reset a Nintendo Switch?

You can reset your Nintendo Switch to its factory settings by following these steps:

  1. Hold down the volume up and volume down buttons, then press the power button. This will put the console in Maintenance Mode.
  2. Choose Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data, then select OK. Your console should now be in this mode.
  3. Wait for the console to finish resetting, restoring it to factory settings!
reset Nintendo switch

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV?

You can connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV in a few different ways.You can use an HDMI cable to connect the device directly to your TV or plug it into your TV through the USB-C port. Both options will cause the device to turn off and on, but that’s normal for consoles. You might also want to try using Bluetooth if you have an adapter for it.

How do I connect a Nintendo Switch to hotel Wi-Fi?

The easiest way to connect a Nintendo Switch to hotel Wi-Fi is to use a mobile hotspot. You can find one at most airports, hotels, and coffee shops, and it’s just as easy as plugging in your phone to get online.If you don’t have access to a mobile hotspot or want to connect multiple devices at once, there are other options available. If you’re going on vacation or traveling for work or school, you may be able to find a Wi-Fi router that works with your specific device. You should also check with your hotel whether they offer complimentary Wi-Fi connections or provide their own internet connection for their guests.

What other high-quality capture cards can I use if I don’t have Elegant?

If you don’t have the Elgato capture card, you can still get a lot of functionality out of your stream. The Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card has 1080p 60FPS video capture and HDMI 2.0 for 4K 60FPS pass-through, USB-C 3.0 interface, and full audio mixing capabilities, and its compact design means it’s easy to fit into any streaming setup. It also supports 480p, 720p, 1440p, 1080p, and 2160p resolutions, an important feature when creating content that will be viewed on multiple platforms (like an Xbox One stream). And its competitive price makes it an excellent option for any gamer who wants to start streaming their gameplay immediately!


Saving enough money for a high-end Switch monitor is tough. Buying one can be even more expensive. 

Suppose you’re willing to wait a little longer. In that case, however, it looks like the hybrid feature may finally be coming to an update of the Nintendo Switch operating system. 

That means that all gamers using laptops as monitors will have a much easier time than they do now; those using makeshift setups (such as laptop-to-TV) will also have additional options. The future is looking bright!

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