How to Clean the Laptop Speakers (Basic Guide 2023)

How to clean the laptop speakers? This is a commonly asked question, and usually, not most people know about the different ways of cleaning the speakers of laptops. 

Laptop users know how convenient laptops are because you can take them anywhere to perform various tasks such as gaming, working, etc. 

I’m sure some people love to listen to music. However, a clear sound is still essential when watching movies or other videos. Trust me, a dusty and dirty speaker won’t do a good job.

In this article, you’ll get to know through which ways or methods, you can keep clean or clean your dusty laptop’s speakers. 

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Not only this but there will be step-by-step guidance for cleaning the speakers without getting into any other problems.

Just stick to the article until it ends!

Ways on How to Clean the Laptop Speakers:

You know what, instead of trying lame techniques for cleaning the speakers of the laptop, you should know the proper ways for its cleanliness. 

Because it will be just noise and irritating without a clear sound. That’s why I have come up with the following different ways for cleaning laptop speakers;

Use Rubbing Alcohol & Q-tips

The first method you can use is the Q-tips because they can play an essential role in cleanliness as a great tool. 

This is one of the best ways because they are not harsh on the product and can remove dirt or dust easily. 

Follow the following steps;

  • Firstly, you need to turn off the laptop.
  • Then, go for the removal of the battery.
  • After that, dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and clean the speaker’s grills.
  • Now, use a piece of cloth to remove the debris and if you notice any dust particles on the speaker’s holes, try to poke them with a Q-tip. Repeat until all dust doesn’t get out.
alcohol q tiops - How to Clean the Laptop Speakers (Basic Guide 2023)

Lint-free or Microfiber Cloth

This is the second way and here, you should avoid using paper towels because they will just leave some dust particles on your device. 

Because this material is rough, and your laptop may have stains or scratches, you should prefer a lint-free cloth. 

Additionally, this will offer effective cleanliness to your laptop’s speakers. Follow the below instructions;

  • First, ensure that your laptop is powered off, and then remove the battery.
  • After that, start wiping the speakers gently and wet the cloth; however, ensure that there is no excessive water on the cloth.
  •  Now, clean the speakers with a damped cloth. 

Tip: you can also go for the toothpicks. Just cover the toothpick with the cloth because it will help to remove the dust from the holes of the speakers. 

microfiber cleamimg

Use a Brush

Let’s explore the other commonly used technique. It performs perfectly when you use a brush for cleanliness, especially for cleaning the laptop speakers.

Through brushes, it becomes for laptop users to clean the speaker’s holes. Follow the upcoming steps;

  • First, use a soft brush and gently clean the speaker’s holes.
  • And once you have done with the cleanliness, use a lint-free cloth but damped to remove the excess dirt or dust from the grill.

Tip: ensure that the brush strokes are angled away from the speaker because it will prevent the dust from traveling to the other components of the laptop.

Use a Brush

Wet Wipes

You know what? There are many ways to clean the speakers, and wet wipes are one of them. 

I’m sure most of you don’t know that some special wet wipes are designed for the cleanliness of electronics such as laptop speakers.

Make sure to follow the below steps;

  • Take a wet wipe to clean the speaker’s grills, let it dry, and don’t turn it on.
  • Once it gets dry, equip the battery again.

Tip: you can also use a microfiber cloth to dry it or remove the excess dust/dirt.

wet wipes

Use a Can of Compressed Air

Do you know that a can of compressed air can also be used to get rid of dust? This method is ideal because it can ensure dust removal from your laptop’s speakers. 

For effective cleanliness, follow the given instructions;

  • First of all, you need to make sure to use compressed air on the outer part of the speaker’s grills.
  • Then, compress the air at least 3 to 4 times. 
  • After that, you can use a lint-free cloth that is wet but damped to clean the outer side of the speakers. 
compressed air

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Use Dust Busters or Hand-held Vacuums 

Hand-held vacuums and dust busters also clean the laptop’s speakers. There should not be high suction power in a vacuum. That’s why hand-held vacuums are preferred for cleanliness. 

For impressive outcomes, you need to follow the following instructions;

  • Before cleaning, ensure that your laptop isn’t switched on.
  • Firstly, start cleaning the grills of the speakers and use the vacuum for at least 15 to 30 seconds. 
  • Once you have done this, take a damped lint-free cloth to wipe off speakers from outside.
vacuum cleaner for laptop speaker

Use a Lint Roller

A lint roller removes the fibers on the speaker’s grill daily. Cleaning your laptop’s speakers daily will offer a clean speaker for better sound exposure. 

Follow the method step-by-step for better results;

  • Start rolling this tool on the laptop’s speakers if you find hairs on the laptop speakers. This method will remove and clean the debris or dirt immediately. 
lint roll

Disassemble the Laptop

One of the ideal ways to disassemble your laptop and then clean the speakers is worth it. 

You just need to remove the upper case of the laptop; however, it depends on the location of the speakers. This way, you’ll have easy access to the speakers, and you can clean them properly. 

Because now the speakers will be visible to you, you can blow the dust off or wipe using any tool such as a brush, Q-tips, and others. 

This is how you can remove the dust on the speakers easily. Here is a tip for you whenever you go for this procedure, make sure that the screws are kept in a safe place. 

Tip: try to be gentle while wiping or cleaning the internal components of the device otherwise they get damaged.

dissemble the laptop


Do you know what toothpicks are perfect for wiping out the tiny dust particles on the laptop’s speaker or holes? Sometimes, the dirt just sticks to the grills, and you can’t remove that using a vacuum or other ways.

Follow the below guidelines;

  • Firstly, you need to gently poke the speaker’s hole with the tool “Toothpick.”
  • Then, remove the excessive dirt stuck on the speaker
  • After that, you need to use a damped microfiber cloth to ensure the outer side’s cleanliness.

USB Vacuum

Apart from hand-held vacuums, there comes a USB vacuum. You might need clarification because you have just heard of or used USB for data transferring.

These vacuums are different from hand-held vacuums because they come with low suction power and are easy to function. 

As they are small, they are effective in the cleanliness of laptop speakers on a regular basis. 

usb vacuum cleaner

Blu Tack

The second last way to clean your laptop speakers is Blu Tack. This is basically the adhesive that functions just like the lint rollers. 

You can attach them to your devices, such as laptop speakers, and trust me, they offer a great job in cleaning the dirt on the grill. 

Follow the below instructions;

  • Apply the Blu Tack for a few seconds on the laptop speakers, then remove it. It will also pull out all the dirt stuck for so long.
blu tack


Usually, people use hairdryers to blow out the speakers’ dirt. When executing this technique, ensure that your laptop is powered off and the battery is removed. 

To avoid damage to your device, ensure that you set the hairdryer at low heat and then blow air onto the speakers; however, make sure that there is no contact between the speakers and the hairdryer. 

Once you are done with this procedure, take a damped cloth and wipe the dirt off.

Tip: keep a distance of one inch between the laptop speakers and the hairdryer.

hair dryer

How to Clean a Laptop’s Speaker; A Step-by-Step Guidance?

Now, you have enough knowledge regarding which tools or ways you can use to clean the laptop’s speakers easily. 

To have complete guidance or effective outcomes, you need to follow the below steps;

  • Firstly, you need to shut down your computer or laptop and remove the battery
  • The second step is to remove the crumbs or dirt, and you may go for the vacuum. However, try to use a vacuum with low suction power to protect the other components. 
  • The next step is to place the brush attachment on whichever vacuum you use and start brushing the area that is dirty or has dust and clean that out.
  • You may also use the cotton swab f you need it because it will wipe all the stuck debris. 

Additional Tips 

There are some additional or extra tips that you should keep in mind because sometimes, you don’t follow the instructions properly or miss something. After that, you don’t get the expected or desired results.

That’s why you should follow the steps correctly. 

Anyway, let’s explore more cleaning ideas and tips;

  • In my opinion, compressed air is basically used for cleaning the dust from the keyboard however you should avoid cleaning the speakers through this method. Because the compressed air forces the dirt inside the speakers instead of pulling that out or removing it. 
  • It is suggested that you disassemble the laptop and get easy access to the speakers plus clean it correctly; however, this method can void your warranty which is, I’m sure, not a good idea. 
  • One more thing, if you find it difficult to clean the debris from the speaker, or you don’t have the ability, try to contact a professional instead of trying it out yourself.

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How can I clean my laptop speakers without opening them?

There are many ways to properly clean the laptop speakers, such as Q-tips, toothpicks, vacuums, and other valuable ways. You may go for a wet but damped cloth that is lint-free and wipe the laptop speakers to remove all the debris and dirt.

How do you clean the dust out of speakers?

Firstly, you must switch off your laptop and remove your battery. Then, use a brush or toothpick to dust off the debris from the speaker’s hole. Once you have done it, take a damped cloth to wipe off all the dust on the outer side of the speakers. You can do this daily, too, to keep your laptop speaker clean. 

How do you clean the dust out of speakers?

Firstly, you must switch off your laptop and remove your battery. Then, use a brush or toothpick to dust off the debris from the speaker’s hole. Once you have done it, take a damped cloth to wipe off all the dust on the outer side of the speakers. You can do this daily, too, to keep your laptop speaker clean. 

Why does my laptop sound crackle?

Such sound issues can be because of different reasons. You can’t just say that it’s because the speakers are dusty or dirty. The reasons can be a bad drive, improper audio settings, or some issues with the hardware. Don’t worry. This is not a new issue; many users face the same issue after an update.

How can I tell if my laptop speakers are blown?

Sometimes, the laptop speakers are blown because you play sounds on such a level or volume, which is actually too loud for the speakers. There are certain signs through which you can figure out whether your speakers are blown, such as crackling during audio playback, which gets worse.  

How do I fix the distorted sound on my laptop?

Whenever you notice the distorted sound on your laptop, you need to follow or try out some upcoming things; try to fix the device sound connections, run Windows Audio Troubleshooter, modify the audio format, disable audio enhancements, update the driver, reinstall the sound drivers and others.

How much does it cost to replace laptop speakers?

If you consistently face challenging issues with your laptop, you need to replace it if you cannot repair it. The speakers’ cost for the laptop depends on the model or brand you are using, and the prices vary accordingly. I will suggest researching correctly before you go for a replacement of speakers. 


Crackling or popping sound issues are frustrating. In my opinion, you should inspect the speaker’s cleanliness regularly because it will prevent sound issues. Otherwise, the dirt will stick to the grills or speaker’s holes, which will be messy. 

Above, there is a wide range of methods or ways discussed, and you can try out ones that suit you; however, if they don’t work, or you are not smart enough to follow them, then I will recommend contacting a professional one. 

How do I clean laptop speakers? Hang on and try out the above helpful techniques!

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