How Often Should You Buy a New Laptop | All You Need to Know 2022

As we know computers are the most essential need of any business. For fulfilling our needs we must need the best computer that should be last longer. Whenever we see our laptop become slower than earlier then it is near the end of the laptop. we must search online for purchasing the new one laptop. Whenever upgrading the laptop or computer, We have a lot of options on the Internet. 

If your laptop is not working well and you are worried about How Often Should You Buy a New Laptop then you must look for the best configuration on the internet? You can choose the best laptop according to your business or work. 

In this article, we are going to search for the best time of laptop changing. in every business, we need to work with multitasking and if your laptop is not working well and it is shutting down again and again then now it is the sign that you should buy new laptop.

No matter if you have the expensive laptop but there is a certain time when your expensive laptop will also stop working. You must look for the a new laptop for not affecting your business reputation. 

Here you will have many options that you must consider before switching to a new laptop and how often you should buy a new laptop

How Often Should You Buy a New Laptop?

You must change your laptop when you are facing the issues in performance of laptop. Just because, with time your laptop will have many issues like your keyboard will not work, your touch will stop working and you will also have some battery issues. When you are facing all these issues that are major, then you should go for a new device because you need to repair the laptop again and again. you will just waste your money and time. 

Repairing the laptop will also affect your productivity and continuity of the work. If you want to continue your work with the same efficiency, then you should immediately continue purchasing the new device. Especially when you face major issues like RAM and CPU processing, then it is good time to buy new laptop. 

Furthermore you should change your laptop within 2 years because with the years of time you will be able to enjoy the new features and upgrading system. 

How Often Should You Buy a New Laptop

How Long Does a Laptop Last?

Your laptop will last longer, if you are more concerned as a user. You must take care of your laptop because taking care is the most beneficial of your laptop’s longer life. You can easily expect 3 to 5 years maximum life. 

The life of the laptop depends on the maintenance of your laptop.  If you are maintaining your laptop like, you are cleaning it on a weekly basis or you are upgrading it on a monthly basis then you can make your laptop more long lasting. 

If you are using your laptop in a rough way then your laptop will stop working even within a year. Most laptops survive more than two years because of their upgrading components. It all depends on the user how the laptop is used. You must keep your laptop free from all the dust because dust slows down the functions and work of the laptop. 

So the most essential thing for a longer laptop is enough care. Just like we are increasing our laptops’ life by our way of using them. 

How to know when it’s time to upgrade laptop? 

We must look to upgrade our laptops to increase our life expectancy. As we are constantly working, the workload is also increasing on the laptop. For betterment of the laptop, we must look for the upgrading system which includes the following. 

Upgrading the hardware:

As we have discussed that because of the loads of work. We must change our laptop’s hardware because we are working constantly on the same laptop. In which we are downloading many works concerning our field and business. We must be changing our RAM or switching our laptop with a solid state drive. These are the most important steps in boosting our laptop’s power. 

Furthermore, if you want to upgrade your laptop to a higher level, then we can switch our laptop’s motherboard or CPU. By switching these we can easily solve the compatibility issue of our laptop. But these are the most expensive upgrading steps. Rather than this we can easily change our laptop in this price range. 

Security outdated:

If your hardware that you are using in your laptop is not compatible with the version of your operating system then you must consider any new laptop. No matter if your laptop is compatible but if you have any security measures issue that is provided by the company.

Then you must take your laptop to any software team for upgrading because if your laptop is not safe with security. Then you might face many issues in your business but if your security upgrade is properly working and still your laptop is not working efficiently then it is time to purchase a new laptop. 

Noisy fans of laptop:

It is the end time of your laptop. If your laptop is making too much noise because of the longer use of the laptop. You will face the issue of noisy fans of laptops.

When your laptop is making too much noise even when you are not doing any intensive high computing tasks. Also if you have the latest version of any application and then your laptop will stop working because of the maximum usage of the laptop. Your laptop will become warmer than before because of enough usage and noisy fans. 

Nimbler Hardware:

If your laptop is having nimbler hardware then it is time to change it because if you are facing issues like lugs in the machine of the laptop. Then you can not continue your work with a happier face. For work productivity of the work, you need a fast laptop. They have the ability to quickly turn off and turn on. For the fast task we must need the best hardware but if your hardware has stopped working then you must change it.

Cheaper to replace than to repair:

Repairing is the most cost effective method as compared to buying the new hardware. But the continual repairing of the laptop can lead to more losing money. So as a businessman or worker you must change it as soon as possible.

Because your continuity of work matters more. if you will lose your productivity at work then you might face more loss. For the continuity of the work you will need to replace your old laptop with the new because if your repair of the hardware will not work well then you might face the same issue again and again. So for effectiveness of the work you must change your device. 

Loading of Applications:

When we are using the old version of the laptop then they are not compatible with the new and latest version of the applications. Many of the applications do not run because of the old hardware. Even if they are running, they might take longer to load and your productivity of the work may be lost.

So for the best working you must upgrade your laptop with the new laptop version. Because nowadays new applications are developing in the market and we must be going with the market for our betterment of the business and work. If you will not go along with the market then you will not be successful. 

Expensive hardware repairs:

With the time many problems happen in any laptop like cracking of the screen, any key of the keyboard does not work or the trackpad stops working properly but these are the simple problems that can be easily fixed with less money and time. furthermore if you are having hardware problems. These are major problems with the laptop because these issues may take more money and time . It is far better to change your laptop rather than spending money on these issues. 

Less operating system:

As we know with the time many new updates are coming in operating systems. These updates of the operating systems usually fix many problems of security and operational improvements. These help in fixing many bugs and give other intended benefits. 

So if you are using the same laptop for many years then you will not be able to benefit from the new system and this is the reason your laptop will slow down while using applications. This time you need to change your laptop. 

Multitasking issue:

Whenever you are using more applications you need more space and RAM. When using two or more applications, if you are unable to open your application. Then it is a signal that your laptop will suddenly die, furthermore if you are unable to switch the tabs in any web browser quickly then it is just a sign that you need a new laptop. 

It is all happening because of your poor RAM that is insufficient because of too much use. If your RAM is not working properly, firstly we only use our laptop for web browsing but with the time we need to edit spreadsheets. furthermore we are using a laptop for high intensive programming tasks so these will not properly work because of the poor RAM. You must change your laptop machine as soon as possible for high level working.

Slow startup and shutdown of laptop:

If your laptop is taking more time in shutdown or startup then it is an indication that your laptop will soon realize it is happening because more applications are downloaded in the laptop and these all applications are running in the background. 

You can diagnose the problem that you must go for a new device at this level when your laptop is having problems turning on and off. 

Cleaning and maintaining:

Poor performance of your laptop happens because of the old laptop just because the hardware has a lot of applications that are not now able to handle. Also it is happening because of rough usage of your laptop. Try not to use chemicals in the cleaning purpose of your laptop. Try to follow all the rules and regulations that are given by the manufacturers for cleaning and maintaining your laptop. 

Maintaining includes your internal and external maintenance of the laptop. If you have a load of applications that are not in use then you must delete all the applications. You are not using it, this will help you to increase the life of your laptop. 

Battery and disk management:

Always pay attention to many other issues, if you are facing this management issue then you must go for advancement of the storage. You can do that by freeing up the disk space and you can repair it with many different applications available on the internet.

After that, the last but not the least step you can take is taking care of your battery temperature. If you are using your laptop for a longer period then it will become hot and it is because of the old age of the laptop. This battery performance will also be affected by the time. Also if you are not using your laptop then you should take out the battery for increasing the life of your battery. 

You Really Need a New Laptop?

If you are facing different problems in your work like the slow performance of the laptop then you really need a new laptop. We cannot stay with a stuck laptop that has slow performance.   There is always a need to upgrade a laptop because as our work is increasing day by day we need our laptop upgraded along with it. 

Furthermore if your laptop is turned off without even your choice. Then it is the best time to purchase a new one. Because we can repair our laptop for little reasons but we cannot repair our laptop again and again. It will only waste our money and time.

What is the average lifespan of a laptop and PC?

Increasing the lifespan of a laptop or PC is in the hands of the user.  if you are using your laptop with all concerned then you can increase the life of your laptop.  Vice versa if you will not take care of your laptop then your laptop will not work properly. 

That is the reason most laptop experts have estimated the laptop life to be three to five years. We can have a longer time but the value of the laptop will be less.  Like we will have a laptop for more than five to seven years but the quality of bearing the loads and fast running of applications will be less than the new one. 

Just like that computers have a longer life as compared to laptops. Because laptops are portable and computers are effectively used in workplaces because of their progress. The life of the computer is more than the laptop. It can be 3 to 5 years easily but the main thing that is always concerned is the care of the PC. For better computing power you must change your laptop or pc within time because some laptops or pcs can work efficiently with longer life but there will be limitations in task completion. 

Do Macs last longer than PCs?

There is always a severe debate on Macs or PCs’ longer life. But the longer life is dependent on the internal configuration of the laptop or PC.

As we all know that Macs are most popular for their last longer devices. Just because Apple manufactures strong laptops. These are most long lasting. We can clearly see that PCs are less stronger than Macs. Whenever we’ll put any burden of work on our PC, the smoothness of the PC will slow down. 

But when looking forward to Mac, the smoothness will be the same because of the high quality maintenance system. Macs have always proved that they have the best hardware and software system. Apple has always supported the ecosystem. 

How much do new computers and laptops cost?

There is always a difference of prices with respect to their features, hardware size, processor type, operating system and brand. So if you are looking for the best computer or laptop then, with respect to these factors you will have different prices.

You will have the least expensive laptop which is around $300. These types of laptops are typically slower for your work but if you want a high level laptop then you will need to pay up to $3000. Furthermore if you want a laptop for your work place by which you can give support to your employees with the laptop in the range of $600 to $1000. These laptops will support all your workload at the office and at home. 

Computers are more expensive than laptops. The general laptop you will have will be around $400 in which you will have just little Bells and whistles. Furthermore if you want the best computer then it will cost you more than  $3500. If you have less range and you want amazing work then you can have the best range of computers for your business within $1000. 

Desktop can give you more expense with the upgrade because whenever you will be upgrading your computer. You will also need to upgrade your monitor, keyboard and mice for betterment of the work. This will be the most costly as a worker or businessman. 

Should you leave your PC on or off?

It is a very critical point that you should leave your PC on or off. Many people consider that computers are easy to use in businesses. Just because we can use it for 24 hours. There is a reason that computers are really easy to use because they don’t have a battery but they work on the power. Laptop batteries have some recharge cycles and their LCD panel can survive for some hours .

you can leave your computer running all the time because it will support your high work with the same power. You are using it regularly but if you are using it in the office or at the workplace then you should set it to sleep mode rather than turning it on all day. by setting this on sleeping mode, you will see your computer in a lower power state. This will help you in work effectively because you can easily start where you have left . 

What should you do when you get a new laptop? 

Turning on the laptop is the easiest task but keeping the laptop secure is most needed. Whenever purchasing a new laptop we must consider some steps. That is useful for your longer laptop life of laptop. 

Software installation:

Always install all the needed applications from your IT Department because they can do it more easily if you will do it on your own then there are more chances to get viruses at the start. 

To prevent viruses you must download all the secure applications that will not harm your laptop’s privacy.

Check security first:

As we know security is the first priority of any business so you must download all the Malware and other security softwares. That will prevent your laptop from viruses. When we will give a pc or laptop to our employees. The productivity of the work can be affected. If your laptop will be secure with these applications then you can increase your laptop’s life. 

Upload files:

before starting with the new laptop. You must upload all the old files in any cloud-based website or any external USB. Then move all the files that are needed for your company in the new computer. Always make sure to clean up the old machine. Because information may include sensitive and non sensitive information. 

Setting on the preference:

Because it is the new laptop then it is your responsibility to change the fonts and screen brightness and the display from settings. Because it all depends on your convenience, you will definitely choose all the settings according to your comfortability and for settlement in the new surroundings. 

Can a laptop last for 10 years?

Yes,  obviously you can have your laptop last longer for more than 10 years. If you are taking good care of your laptop then you can have your laptop for more than 10 years very easily.  The main thing that is included in the laptop is its battery.

If your laptop battery is not working well, then you can replace it with a new one. This will help you in increasing the life of your laptop. Just like that, if any part of your laptop is not working well, you should immediately replace it or repair it from a professional. By this method you will have your laptop for more than 10 years. 

Can a laptop last 20 years?

Yes, you can have your laptop for more than 20 years but the productivity of your laptop will not last longer with you. You will have just the external part of the laptop. Because with time, the technology is increasing day by day and your laptop will be with you but it will be empty. That cannot give you any professional work progress. 

Is a 7 year old computer worth fixing?

It will not be worth, if you will spend money on your 7 year old laptop or computer. Many researchers said that you will need to pay more than 25% on your old computer to work than a new computer.

So it will just be a waste of your time and money. If you are spending money fixing different problems with your old computer. It is advisable that you should buy a new computer rather than spending money on a 7 year old computer. 


In this article we have discussed all the needed things you should know before purchasing a new laptop or computer.

Because if you want to spend money on your old laptop or computer then it will just be a waste of money and you should buy a new laptop.  Furthermore we have discussed in this article about how often you should change your laptop.

Definitely, we should change our laptop within two to three years . Because with the increasing technology we should also increase our laptop’s configuration. With the best configuration of the laptop we can have the fastest laptop and comfortability of the work in our business. 

We must take it seriously, when we start facing problems in laptop performance. Rather than spending money on repairing, we should always consider buying a new laptop. 

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