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When having any laptop the main thing we look after its configuration is weight of the laptop. We always look for the laptop which is travel friendly like you must purchase such laptops that can be easily carried even in the planes. As a professional, we will always look forward for our ease and comfort.  because we need to carry our all the needed information with us so we need such light weighted laptops. 

In order to decrease the stress that is on our back also with the high weight our arms get panic. We must know how much does a notebook weigh. With the light weighted laptop we will love our work as well as our journey of traveling. Having a light weighted laptop ease us from many difficulties.

How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh?

How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh

When talking about the light weighted laptop there is a average weight of any professionalist laptop. There can be difference of laptop weigh which is 2 pounds laptop that goes up to 8 pound weight. 

Average Dimensions laptops comes with Five common categories of laptops:

Commonly there are five laptop Categories with average dimension. 

  • Ultrabook or Chromebook 

Ultrabook and Chromebook have usually 2-3 pounds weight which is the most lightest weight ever in the laptops. Ultrabook ranking and performance is comparatively higher than Chromebook.

  • Ultra portable laptop (2-5 pounds) 

For efficiency of the work, we all need some ultra portable laptops that means those laptops which are light thin and as well as efficient powerful. These laptops are approximately long lasting and can easily work on daily basis with single battery charge. These laptops have average computer weight of 2-5 pounds. 

  • Thin and light (3-6 pounds) 

Then we have third category which includes all the thin and light laptop. Average laptop weight is 3 to 6 pounds. These laptops are comparatively impressive in quality. These laptops are attractive end portable with high end design.

  • Desktop replacement (4 pounds) 

Desktop replacement laptops are comparatively higher in weigh.  These laptops work as personal computer with giving all the specifications like a desktop computer as well as a tablet Desktop computers are amazing light weight computers because of their easy to carry quality basically it is a 2 IN 1 laptop which can easily perform all the tasks of a tablet as well as computer.  That is the only reason average weight of a desktop computer is 4 pounds.


Luggables are the most oldest type of laptops that were released in the earliest 1982.  The best thing of the luggables was that it was movable. Because on that time, the computers were being used by all the people and that were not movable then they created luggables which becomes more easier to move with the same benefits of a computer but the weight of the luggables were more than nowadays laptops. it has more than 8 to 15 pounds weight or even more than that. 

Ultrabook vs Chromebook:

Having the lightweight laptop is most needed in any profession so that both of the series of ultrabooks and Chromebooks Our lightweighted and finest laptop. These laptops are under 3lbs pounds. These are the most stylish and ultra slim laptops available in the market. We must know how much a chromebook weigh and ultrabook. These are the most easy to use portable devices that are easy to handle in any situation because of their light weight. 


When talking about the basics, both the laptops are light weighted and fashionable.  Ultrabooks and Chromebooks can easily handle loads of works at a time.  Both of the products have powerful machines that can be easily used for everyday. It can handle load but both are light weighted. Competitively Chromebooks have smaller size than windows laptop but have less capacity of storage. Ultrabooks performance is high as compared to the processor also these have long lasting batteries.  When talking about Chromebook these are not that much powerful as compared to Ultrabook. 

OS system:

One of the major difference between both laptops are their operating system.  when talking about ultrabooks, They have as usual Microsoft Windows OS system but  Chromebook has not the same operating system because they have their own googles operating system which is also known as Chrome OS. This system is designed for using online.  No matter you are outside or somewhere on working but you always need Internet for operating the laptop easily. Also there are very less options that can be run without Internet on Chromebook. 

Popular devices:

There are some best lightweight  ultrabooks available in the market which includes. 

 Dell XPS 15,HP elite dragonfly G2, HP spectre X360 , Lenovo ThinkPad X1 carbon generation 9, Dell XPS 17, ASUS zenbook 13, LG gram 17, surface laptop 4.

Some light weighted chrome book available in the market are. 

Acer Chromebook spin 713, Lenovo Chromebook duet, HP Chromebook X360 14, ASUS Chromebook detachable CM3, ASUS Chromebook flip CX5, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, Google pixel book go, Lenovo C13 yoga Chromebook. 


Having a laptop that is ultra portable is the most convenient way of dealing your everyday workload very easily.  For finding the ultraportable laptop you must look for its configuration as well because having efficient powerful laptop is also necessary for your workload.  with portable device you can easily carry it anywhere no matter where you are,  outside your workplace or at your workplace.  But you can continue your work from anywhere you have left.

Thin and Light laptops:

Because the world is going Fast forward we all need the best lightweight laptop that will also give you the same power and portability. Because these laptops are made up of powerful processors with smartly designed exterior and interior as well.  These laptops are made for your all day working.  you can easily work with the high Load same as on other high weighted laptops. 

In any profession you must need such laptops that are your lap friendly because you need to work in any condition while lying on your bed and somewhere in the traveling. In this condition we must need to check out for all the laptops that are efficient in work progress and also light weighted for completing your everyday tasks. You must get the light weighted laptop that will help you in working even in your workplace and at your home. There are more benefits of having the light laptops because by carrying these laptops you will not face any burden issue or you can easily carry it with light hand.  Light weighted laptops will give you enough comfortability of work at any place you want. 

Weight Vs Travel Weight:

Weighted laptops are difficult while carrying in the plane that is the reason we must need such light weighted laptops that is under 5 lbs. For our everyday work, we must need such laptops that have travel friendly weight ,these are ultra light weight as compared to your normal lightweight laptops. Light weight laptops help us in traveling very easily. We need to work immediately even while traveling so there must be consideration while choosing travel friendly ultra thin and light laptop. 

Best Lightweight Laptop Available on the Market:

Dell XPS 13:

The best light weighted laptop that we have is of Dell company which is Dell XPS 13. This is the best laptop which has only 1.2 Kilogram weight with dimensions of 198.70 X 295.70 X 14.80mm. It is not only light weighted but it can easily handle the word load with up to 512 GB storage. It has best CPU system which is Intel Core i7. 

With amazing and latest 11th generation Intel processor, it has best 13.4 inch screen. With respect to its configuration it has longer battery life. Which can goes up to 10 hours from your late night reports to early morning thesis writing. It has amazing exterior look that will long last forever.

Apple Macbook Air:

We have best lightweight laptop for Apple lovers which is Apple MacBook Air M1. When talking about its weight, it has only 2.8 lbs weight that is best for your portable handling tasks. Furthermore it has average laptop dimensions of 11.9 7x 8.36 X 0.63 inches. It is the best laptop so far because it has storage of 256 GB with 8GB RAM. it has a massive connectivity ports with best camera. It is incredibly fast laptop as compared to others. its premium design will urge you to buy this product because it is a most light weighted laptop with affordable range that you will ever have. 

Lenovo IdeaPad 3i:

Now for all the students who cannot afford high price products but want a light weighted laptop. We have best light weighted laptop that is Lenovo IdeaPad 3i. It is best build laptop and has all the features that you will need because it has amazing 14 inch screen with 128 GB storage and 4GB RAM. It’s processing system is i3 Core of Intel. This laptop weight is user friendly that will ensure you in every task. It is amazing for your intensive task with lightweight but with strong build. If you are a student and you want to kick start your work then you must go for this laptop because it is the most light weighted laptop with pocket friendly specification.

Cons of having lightweight laptops:

As we know every laptop has some cons and pros so when talking about the pros we must conclude with the cons as well.  there are some cons of the laptop that are light weighted because having any laptop easier but the light weighted laptops may carry some difficulties for you.

  •  Lightly weighted laptops are comparatively more expensive than the regular laptops because these have new features. 
  • Light weight  laptops don’t have DVD Room just like if you want to watch any movie or anything then this laptop will not help you in this.
  • These don’t have much connector. Like Ethernet ports, you will required to use any dongle,  because these have ultra tiny USB port.
  • You will feel uncomfortable while typing on these Light weight laptops because they have low profile keyboards that are not essential for writing long thesis reports. 

Pros of having lightweight laptops:

Having a light weighted laptop has a lot of advantages. We must go up with the world and technology like everyone is carrying the lightweight gadgets so we also want these type of gadget that can be easily kept in your bag just like stuff. Nowadays laptops are that much thinner and lighter that you will even not consider any weight while carrying in bag. 

  • You will have great multitasker laptop because the Light weighted laptops are thinner but the processors are same that can easily handle every application you want to use. 
  • Light weighted laptops are easy to carry anywhere.
  • Light weighted laptops are upgraded and have all the new features that will boost up your work. 
  • These looks more stylish and attractive because of thinner body.
  • These are comparatively more long lasting. 


We live in the advance World that is run by the advanced technology. Having the most light weighted and stylish laptop is the most common and necessary thing for convenience. Now having super thin and light weighted laptops are more needed for ease in any profession. Here we have discussed how much does a laptop weigh.

If you are a traveler then you must go for the light weighted laptop because these laptops will help you in traveling, no matter you are in plane but you can easily carry it without any hesitation. Light weighted laptops are a bit expensive but if you are buying these laptop then you will not need to worry for some years. Because these lightweight laptops are portable as well as long lasting. 

For your ease we have discussed all the pros and cons of the laptops that are light weighted also we have discussed the best three laptops which includes one apple laptop which is less expensive and Dell XPS laptop which is most expensive with the light weighted feature. although we have the most cheapest light weight laptop which is from Lenovo. 

You can easily purchase any of the laptop according to your preferences and above suggestions as well.

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