How much does it cost to replace a Laptop keyboard? | How To Guide for 2022

Are you looking for solutions for how to fix your laptop keyboard? then before that, you have to know that How much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard. Though, whatever problems you have, your laptop keyboard does take stress because you have come to the righteous place.

Here every possible way has been discussed in detail. Moreover, before going to a repair center you must know about different keyboards. Therefore a heap of laptop keyboards is included in this article so don’t waste your time and start to read it.

How much does it cost to replace a Laptop keyboard?

Nowadays it has been analyzed from the statistics that if you want to replace your laptop’s keyboard then its cost will be around 70 to 200 Dollars. Furthermore, if you have a personal connection then they can give you concessions up to 60 to 70 Dollars.

Here I want to explain this scenario with the help of an example such as if your MacBook, unfortunately, has lost its keys and you are going to the service center to replace your keyboard though they will demand for 550 to 1400 Dollars.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested to you if you will visit a mediocre level technician in this case they will charge from you approximately 120 to 160 Dollars. Nonetheless, if you have knowledge of how to replace a keyboard and you really want to do this thus your total cost that will come on it is near to 40 to 80 Dollars.

How much does it cost to replace a Laptop keyboard

How much can you get charged for other laptop repair services?

For your ease in this article, it has been telling you how much the audience has to pay for different types of laptops. Moreover, as well as you will see that their cost reasons also have been mentioned here so that no ambiguity takes place and no one could try to distract you therefore popular and big notebooks models are included in it like Dell, Apple, Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo.


60 to 140 Dollars – Everyone knows very well that the quality of Dell keyboards is superbly fantastic. That is why due to this reason their cost is also high in comparison to other notebooks. Therefore, they charged its keyboard in tight supervision so that customers never stuck with this issue repeatedly.


550 to 1400 Dollars – The reason Apple costs so much is that they really care about customer service and they take care of everything so you won’t face similar problems again, another reason they charged so much is because of trust.


50 to 150 Dollars – You know very well that RGB keyboards have come up with the Acer notebook has incredible and a remarkable feature of these laptops. In addition, you can’t purchase any other keyboard instead, that is why you have to pay a lot for Acer.


25 to 200 Dollars – Asus has come up with the range of their keyboard price whose range lies between 25 to 200 Dollars. However, the reason behind this price summary is that they do their work honestly so that a customer trusts them. Though, when an organization delivers their best to you then it’s the right of their technicians to charge higher.


80 to 150 Dollars – HP keyboards are really impressive and influential regarding their performance though when it gets damaged they have to change it in this way so that the users will put faith in their services by getting a magnificent keyboard.


55 to 130 Dollars – The price of a Lenovo keyboard is reasonable. Everyone can easily afford to replace the keyboard if they lost their keys. The main reason behind this leniency is that the company set its motto to keep the audience in their comfort zone so you don’t have to pay more for it.

Different types of keyboards and their repair cost:

There are so many types of keyboards available for the audience while few of them have been mentioned here such as Standard Membrane Keyboard, backlit OR illuminated Keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard, and palm rest keyboard. Meanwhile, the reason to discuss these keyboards is that you must know about them.

Palm rest keyboard:

50 to 75 Dollars – Medically this is a marvelous keyboard while I want to say that it’s a masterpiece. The main reason behind its appreciation is that it has been constructed with a great vision. However, a smooth flat surface has been made in this keyboard so that users can keep their hands or wrist on it. Basically, it is the best keyboard for turning down wrist pain.

In addition, it is also known as palm rest keyboard although this fantastic keyboard has been recommended to those who have to write documents while preparing a thesis or messages so that they can place their hand on it and will be able to write effortlessly. Nonetheless, the cost of this palm rest keyboard is from 50 Dollars up to 75 Dollars.

Butterfly Keyboard:

100 to 200 Dollars – The name of this keyboard has been kept butterfly because the shape of their keys underneath resembles the wings of a butterfly. Moreover, the structure and mechanism of the butterfly keyboard is totally different from the scissor structure and mechanism that is used in traditional keyboards.

As well as, the purpose of the company behind this mechanism was to deliver a thinner keyboard and more space while Apple claimed that it is 40% thinner in comparison to other traditional keyboards. One more benefit of this butterfly keyboard was that it does not produce sound during typing. Meanwhile, the cost that has been charged for it is approximately between 100 to 200 Dollars.

Mechanical Keyboard:

25 to 35 Dollars – Mechanical keyboard has been made with superb and incredible quality that’s why it delivers remarkable performance. However, you will notice that every key on Mechanical keyboards has its own switches which help to enhance its life span in comparison to other keyboards.

Nonetheless, due to this feature, it can easily be repaired while those who want to get the experience of fast typing must go shopping Mechanical keyboard. Furthermore, this keyboard also has been recommended by Professional Gamers. Other than this, here you will observe that the Mechanical keyboard is much heavier in comparison to the membrane keyboard. In addition, its cost lies between 25 to 35 Dollars.

Standard Membrane Keyboard:

15 to 30 Dollars – You will be surprised to know that the standard membrane keyboard is the most excessively used keyboard. However, the layout of this keyboard is outclassed as it has 109 total keys which are similar to a PC. Meanwhile, it has been shared with you that the standard keyboard is popular and also preferred all around the whole world.

As well as, people who live in English-speaking countries value it over others in which Canada, Australia, and the United States are also included. Furthermore, in China, the Standard Membrane Keyboard is privileged. In addition, the cost of a standard keyboard lies between 15 to 30 Dollars.

Illuminated OR Backlit Keyboard:

20 to 60 Dollars – As everything is clear from its name which is an illuminated keyboard that will eliminate light from their keys. Though, the reason behind this illumination is that it has been manufactured from advanced level technology. That is why illuminated or backlit keyboards had been preferred because it created a comfort zone for users that they could write something easily.

Moreover, it is also used for searching data and retrieving data from the laptop. As well as, it proves very helpful at night time or the place where you have to face light issues because their lights never disappoint you. Moreover, the illuminated keyboard also has been known by another name that is a backlit keyboard. Furthermore, the price of this illuminated or backlit Keyboard is from 20 to 60 Dollars.

How can you pick out the right keyboard?

As a laptop or computer users have to face issues regarding their keyboard because a stage comes that due to dust keys does not work properly or accidentally water feels on the keyboard and after that, some keys are not responding. Though, in this case, you have to replace your keyboard so before purchasing it everyone has to know which type of keyboard will be suitable for their laptop. 

Meanwhile, when you go to pick out your keyboard, check these major parameters in a keyboard so that you can buy the best one. Nonetheless, if a keyboard does not have these specifications thus you won’t choose it. Furthermore, this is the list of components which are necessary has given below

  • Keyboard Layout
  • Hook
  • Tape

1:- Keyboard Layout: There are a plethora of keyboards and a single keyboard model has a different layout, therefore, you must choose carefully that one which is suitable for you and your laptop or computer.

2:- Hook: You know very well that hooks are very important for a keyboard. Meanwhile, if a keyboard won’t have hooks on it, don’t buy it.

3:- Tape: It has been suggested to everyone that selects that one whose tape ideally resembles the original one.

How can people replace their laptop keyboards?

So many people who are not familiar with laptops and their functions ask a question: can they replace the keyboard of their personal laptop. For those, I want to say why not? You can do it and in this way everyone should save their money. Meanwhile, I will share with all of you the full procedure in a few steps.

Step #1:-

First of all, you have to purchase a magnificent keyboard by following the criteria that have been demonstrated above. After that, you have to pay attention and start to read the service manual book so that each and everything will be clear.

Furthermore, take out the battery from the laptop while also cutting off all the circuit connections from it. The reason behind this is that your laptop should be in a power-off state.

Step #2:-

Though, change it to the side and come on the back of the laptop. Here you have to pull out its screws and start to clean its parts nicely.

Step #3:-

Now it is time to get rid of the damaged keyboard while taking off the tape that had been used to fix it on the motherboard of the system. In addition, you must be careful to do this task.

Step #4:-

Though at that point you have to place a new keyboard and now for rebinding follow the reverse process. Meanwhile, pay attention and seal the socket with the help of tape.

Step #5:-

Everything has been done therefore close each hook, screw, and bolt with great care.

How can people replace the keys of their laptop keyboard?

It is normal that after a few years the keys of your laptop have been exhausted and they could not be pressed because they become hard. Nonetheless, a heap of laptops has come up whose keypads are made of rubber and letters and samples are printed on it.

Therefore, from these types of keyboards, no one can easily read because with the passage of time it faints. In this case the audience has to replace the keys of their laptop keyboard. As well as, now I have been sharing crucial tips with all of you regarding these issues.

Step #1:- You have to repair or replace the keys of your laptop:

For this task, you must have the following tools. Without it no one can perform their work.

  • Q-tip
  • Tweezers
  • Prying item
  • Container
  • You must have knowledge of its internal structure and components.
  • Choose a neat and clean place and sit there.
  • Your laptop should be in rest state and there should not be any electrical connection.
  • Before starting your work, you must sit down on the ground for your safety.

Step #2:- Repair the keys of your laptop:

  • Sit in a clean place because around your keys there should not be a mess.
  • With the help of soft cloth like velvet clean all the hollow space between keys.
  • Now you have to separate the keys from the keyboard.
  • Try to figure out missing and damaged keys on it.
  • Pull apart these keys from the internal keyboard of this laptop.
  • Clear out the full area from any hindrance, even minor types.
  • Now you have to close your keyboard and every part of the laptop that you opened.
  • Meanwhile it is time to turn its position.
  • Furthermore, check out your keyboard keys by pressing it.

Step #3:- Replace your laptop keys:

  • First of all you have to go to the search bar and type system information then find your laptop or computer model.
  • After buying a new fantastic keyboard, replace it by opening your laptop.
  • Here you should replace the keys in their place.
  • Before replacing the new one you must remove the old one.
  • Clean all the paths of your laptop keyboard.
  • After placing it on their exact place check it out by pressing these keys.
  • Lately at that point you must close each part carefully.

Give the answer to these following FAQS Questions:

When should you have to replace my laptop?

As you will be surprised to know that experts suggested the maximum life period of a laptop lies between three to five years. After this recommended period it will run but started to create problems such that it was not able to operate advanced and high-end programs and tools.

What do you have to do when your laptop keyboard stops working?

In case your laptop keyboard stops working, go and choose the device manager via your windows search bar. After that, you should look toward the extended keyboard then click on the standard PS/2 keyboard.

Nonetheless, you should reinstall or update your driver after completing this processor to check whether your keyboard starts working or not.  In addition, if it does not respond back to you trying to do install or reinstall then its drive will share the further details with you.

Is it possible to purchase individual keys for a laptop?

The answer to this statement is No! It is not possible to replace individual keys in a keyboard. Meanwhile, you should know that if your keys are destructive then in this situation the full keyboard will have to change. Moreover, the manufacturer does not deliver keys but provides a magnificent keyboard to the audience.


With wrapping this article I want to deliver a few final takeaway words regarding this article that is based on how to fix your laptop keyboard. Firstly I will recommend you to purchase a powerful and robust laptop while you must be careful about its features. After that in a normal routine if your laptop key popped off not worry about it because there are many ways to tackle this situation.

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