How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard Safely in 2023 [Secret Tricks]

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard Safely

No matter if you are using your laptop or not, if it is not clean then you will have less productivity. You can see any laptop can be dirty very easily.  Even though you have the best keyboard and laptop, if you are not cleaning it then definitely you will face the dust in the vents and ports and the keyboard and dirty screen. Comparatively to computer laptops are difficult to clean because laptops have internals, keyboards, screen, and the case

Some laptops have a really sensitive screen and keyboard.  Especially those Macbooks that catch dust very easily.  But there are certain ways by which you can easily, clean your laptop. After cleaning your laptop you will easily reduce many of the problems in your productivity of work. Especially when your laptop is dirty then your laptop may work slowly because of their inside.

Cleaning your laptop is the main thing which shows your productivity. So if your laptop is looking old just because of dirtiness then you must take at least 15 minutes for your laptop to give it a brand new look.

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Things to Consider Before Clean Laptop Screen:

Clean Laptop Screen

Don’t use vinegar:

Many people use vinegar as an alternative to alcohol which may create a seep in the keyboard and corrode all the keyboard components.  The vinegar can easily fade the original color of the keyboard. 

Don’t use harsh components:

Try not to use harsh towels that will give scratches on your laptop. Some harsh towels will give permanent stands.

Don’t use home supplies:

When you are cleaning your laptop, always make sure to not use home supplies. For cleaning your laptop keyboard or laptop screen you must use some authentic supplies that are sold in the market for the special cleaning process of keyboard and laptop.

Don’t open major parts in the cleaning process: 

Because you are not prepared to know all the parts.  Try not to open those major parts that are not needed to be opened in the cleaning process because they may harm your laptop. Sometimes some parts do not even work after disassembling. 

Don’t apply any liquid detergent:

Try not to use any liquid detergent that is available at your home. Because these detergents may have different chemicals that will harm your screen. If your screen is touched, then you must take care while cleaning by only using soft cloths. 

Don’t use liquid directly on the screen: 

Try not to use any liquid no matter if it is mixed with water but it will somehow harm your screen so don’t use any liquid directly on the screen but put it on any microfiber cloth and then use it.

Don’t push or any pressure:

Try not to push the screen too much or do not give any pressure on the screen because it also can be the reason for your damaged screen.

Use isopropyl alcohol:

Use isopropyl alcohol that will help you in cleaning the rough stands. They are not fading even with using any other liquid.  try to use these alcoholic liquids with a cotton pad. This process will be more essential in cleaning. 

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Steps To Follow For Cleaning Laptop’s Screen:

Clean the laptop’s Case:

laptops case

Always clean the outer side first:

No matter if your keyboard and screen are clean but your case is dirty you do not have a dedicated Laptop. There are some simple and easy steps by which you can easily clean your laptop case. 

Use microfiber cloth:

For cleaning the laptop outer case you must use a microfiber cloth. There is no need to use harsh chemicals or any liquid directly on your laptop case. But your laptop needs some love with care for being clean. 

For fastest cleaning:

For the fastest cleaning process, you can use different solutions but we will recommend you to use only a microfiber cloth with vinegar or isopropyl alcohol mixture.  This alcoholic mixture will easily clean all the dirt without any problem.  Do not pour the alcohol or any liquid directly on the case. Do not use paper towels because they leave some dust over the case. 

There is no need to be worried if any of the areas are too dirty . Just use your cleaning microfiber cloth and just leave it to dry. 

Cleaning the sticker:

If you are worried that your laptop is covered with a sticky, nasty sticker then you must clean it by taking it off. After applying the mixture of 90 to 100% isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber cloth and just start rubbing on the sticker. it will come off easily from your case. 

Clean it with a dry microfiber cloth

Now after the cleaning process, your cover will be shiny. Just give a light hand with a dry microfiber cloth. Don’t put much effort just have a light hand and clean the dampness from the cover to give it more shine. That’s how your cover will look more fabulous.

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Cleaning the Laptop’s Screen:

Cleaning Laptop's Screen

Cleaning the screen is the most difficult task you will do for the cleaning process.  because if you do improper cleaning, your laptop may end up with a broken screen.  because the LCD screen is too sensitive and it needs to be cleaned with a light hand.

Do this simply: 

Firstly start with the simple things without using any paper towels or rags for cleaning the laptop screen. Because the rag is rough which will give scratches on your screen and somehow it will not clean all the dust.  Paper towels and rags leave the dust behind.  alcoholic vinegar or glass cleaner may Possess different chemicals that will harm your screen.

For cleaning the laptop screen there is the easiest and cheapest thing, you will use a microfiber cloth.  Furthermore, for cleaning, you can use some canned air but it is not needed until the screen has severe dust inside the lines. 

Prepare the screen:

Firstly turn off your laptop and leave the laptop to reach room temperature.  Now the dirt will appear on the screen and just easily use the Microfiber cloth and clean it easily.

 Moreover, if your screen has dirt on the sidelines then use a little burst of compressed air that will easily fade away all the dust. It is not needed to use compressed air because some laptops have a smudgy screen.

Press with a light hand:

Take your clean microfiber cloth and give a light hand rubbing process in a horizontal and vertical motion.  Try not to give a high push or any circular motion that may cause screen damage.  Always give light pressure on your screen because it is sensitive. if any black line comes, your laptop’s productivity will be affected. 

For greasy stains:

If your screen has severe dirt like any stain of tea or something else, then just dampen the microfiber cloth with simple water and start cleaning with the same moments in horizontal and vertical motions.  Just do not give pressure while cleaning the tough stain. 

If your screen is too damp then just take a clean and dry microfiber cloth for cleaning the dampness easily. 

For impossible stains:

If your screen has severe impossible stains like any color that is not fading out even with time.  As we have discussed, do not use vinegar on the screen but it is the only left solution by which you can clean your laptop screen without giving any scratch or harm to your screen.  You can fade that sticky stain from your screen by just preparing a solution with 50% of water and 50% of vinegar.  Put the microfiber cloth in the water and just dampen it and swap it on the screen. Give a horizontal and vertical motion with a light hand and thus you will end up with a clean screen. 

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Cleaning the laptop’s keyboard:

cleaning laptops keyboard

Gather the things you need:

Once your laptop looks beautiful from the outside then you must go for the laptop’s keyboard cleaning process because it is the core of the laptop. It is a difficult process to clean a laptop’s keyboard because it cannot be disassembled. They rarely have a fairly surface level for which you will need a microfiber cloth cotton swabs until 90%  till 100% isopropyl alcohol and then you will need compressed air.

Start with a dry microfiber cloth:

For cleaning the laptop keyboard you must start with a dry microfiber cloth. The cloth will easily swap all the dirt and you can easily start the detailing work. When all the dirt will stick in the microfiber cloth then you can easily focus on the other method. 

Now use compressed air:

No, after using the microfiber cloth,  use compressed air that will easily take out the dirt from the keyboard.  Although it is the easiest process by which you can take out the dirt from the keyboard very easily. Because inside the keys of keyboards there is too much dirt that must be cleaned but with using microfiber cloth all the dirt cannot be cleaned. 

 So for cleaning from the inside the keys you must use an air compressor that will easily take out the dust.  But when using an air compressor always try to use short bursts for better performance.

Apply the alcohol:

After using the air compressor no there is no time to use alcohol. Pour some 90%-100%  isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad and use light hand rubbing down on the keyboard.  Use this cotton pad filled with alcohol for cleaning between the keys. And if you are using a toothbrush then don’t be afraid of using it because it will easily deal with all the spots and will clean the dirt very easily.  but before using a toothbrush it is preferable to not use the toothbrush that is already used. 

Take out keys if possible:

As we know cleaning from outside the keyboards and keys is easy but from inside makes some trouble.  It is really hard to take out the keys of the keyboards. 

Although some laptops’ keyboard keys are not removable So if you are having a problem with removing them then you can search on Google about your laptop’s preferences and how to remove these keys.  Try any flat too,  you can use a guitar pick for removing the keys very easily. 

 After removing the keys use the cotton pad of alcohol for cleaning the keys inside. Or you can use a short burst of compressed air

Don’t burst over the boards because it may cause condensation under the keys. With a smooth hand, you will just pick up the keys and then try to put it again in the position with a light hand.

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How to Keep a Laptop Keyboard Clean? 

As we have discussed,  the keyboard of a laptop is not easy to repair and replace.  We must clean our laptop and after cleaning the consistency of keeping the laptop clean is the most necessary thing to consider.

Use a protective film on the keyboard:

Always use a keyboard protective film so that you can keep your laptop clean from dirt. There is a transparent keyboard film that protects the keyboard very well and prevents it from dust.

For using the keyboard effectively without any problem, you must use a protector that will prevent all the dust. The protector will keep your keyboard clean from inside and slots. 

Clean your hands:

Always make sure to clean your hands because dirty hands may be the reason for spoiling the keyboard. Your oily hands can give severe dirt on your laptop. Laptop keyboards are the most soiled part of the laptop because in the slot of the keyboards the dirt goes very easily and it is not easy to take these dirt out in effective manner 

It takes a lot of time so if you take care of your keyboard then you will not need to clean your laptop again and again. 

Do not push buttons too fast:

Many users play different games and in playing games they push the buttons frequently. you must take care when you are typing because pushing the button too much can cause harm to our laptop keyboard. You must type fast but with a light hand to give your keyboard a good time. 

Use canned air for removing the dust:

When using a laptop for your high workloads it is obvious Some particles enter the keys they are not easy to clean.  You can use canned air for cleaning the little particles and if you don’t have any canned air then you can use your hair dryer with a cooling system.  always clean your laptop on time for better performance.

Try not to drink or eat near your laptop: 

After completing your work when you are eating or drinking something,  always make sure to keep your laptop away from yourself.  Water and any liquid can easily harm your laptop.  because water will enter the particles very easily and your laptop may stop working. 

Turn off your laptop with care:

When turning off the case of your laptop. You must take care that there is nothing left on the keyboard like if any pencil or pen will be left on the keyboard then it may cause harm to your laptop. 

Keep it away from kids:

Always make sure to keep your laptop away from your kids because usually kids attack the keyboard first. After attacking, they just take out the keys and play with them.  We know that it is not easy to replace and exchange the keyboard but it will affect your productivity level and effectiveness of the work. If any key will not work you will face several issues in writing anything.

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How to Clean Laptop Keyboard After Liquid Spill?

Cut the Power:

Whenever any liquid is spilled on the keyboard just quickly turn off the power as soon as possible.  Usually, liquids conduct electricity very well. Your water will go inside the keys very fast and there are fewer chances of your laptop survival. Just push the power button until it turns off. 

Flip the laptop :

After turning off your laptop just flip the laptop upside down and leave it on a dry towel so that all the liquid that is flipped on the keyboard must come outside. Try to take out the liquid so that it could not reach the motherboard and some critical components.  After that just remove the screw of the battery and keep the battery outside in a dry place. 

Easily remove the screws of the laptop and try to remove the hard drive and ram as well and keep it in a dry place.  After that a laptop must be kept in an upside down position for at least 24 hours. Keep it in the position of back and forth to keep it clean from the moisture.

Gather all the needed materials:

  • For the best cleaning process, you just need a cup of container that you can hold all the keys together. 
  • You will need alcohol by which you will clean the keyboard. 
  • You will need the cotton swabs for the cleaning process. 
  • A Paper towel and flathead screwdriver are also needed for this process. 

You will have the supplies at your home because this splitting of any liquid can happen at any time so we will suggest all the materials that will be available for you at home. 

Remove the keys:

Because of the high splitting of water, you Must take out the keys by just grabbing onto the corner of any key and lifting it.  After taking out the keys you will see any of the liquid spilled on your keyboard and just clean it with the dry microfiber cloth and with the patient take slightly up your keys for preventing them from breaking any key. Try to use any holding stick for taking out the keys easily. 

Clean the keys:

After taking out the keys just soak these keys in mild alcoholic water that will clean all the dirt created by the Splitting of the liquid.  Just stop the keys for an hour for better results. 

Clean the keyboard:

After removing the needed keys in which liquid was spilled.  Interest dipper cotton swap an alcoholic solution and clean the keyboard with the light hand under the keys.  This process will help you to clean all the dirt created by the splitting of liquid after that just flip your laptop upside-down and leave it to dry. Leave it for at least overnight for better results.

After soaking the keys now it’s time to clean them with the dry microfiber cloth. Put it again inside the keyboard.

Reteach everything:

Just after completing the cleaning process now, it’s time to reattach everything.  After reattaching the keys just test if the keys are functioning like they were or not if there is still a sticky key then repeat the steps of cleaning the keys again.

It will be best if you will take a test of your keyboard’s processing system. Pay attention to their respective placement. After putting the battery on, just turn on your laptop and it will be working best again. 

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After gathering the research we have concluded with this cleaning process. 

 If you have a touchscreen do not push or keep pressure on the screen. also always use a microfiber cloth for the cleaning process because it will not harm your screen.

 Also, we have discussed. If any liquid is spilled on your laptop.  Directly turn off the laptop and then clean it. 

 Cleaning the laptop is the most important factor for the productivity of your work. If your laptop is clean, you will be sure to start your work and complete it. But if your laptop is dirty your heart will not say to even open the laptop because of dirtiness. Furthermore, if your laptop is dirty you will not work effectively because  Laptops slow down when dirt enters the fans. 

Always clean your laptop with the instructions that are discussed above. Use these simple and easy steps for your ease and increase the life of your laptop.

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